Sesame Street Episode 4730 Battle of the Chefs

Sesame Street Episode 4730
Battle of the Chefs
Season 47

Sesame Street Episode 4730 Battle of the Chefs

Sesame Street Episode 4730 Battle of the Chefs

Sesame Street Episode 4730 Battle of the Chefs

Sesame Street Episode 4730 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is Battle of the Chefs. The air date of the episode is July 29, 2017. The number of the Episode is 8 and the letter is C. Anthony Mackie visits Sesame Street.

In Episode 4730 of Sesame Street, the central theme is cooking, and the episode starts with Chef Ernie playfully preparing a pretend bowl of oatmeal for Bert. At Hooper's Store, Alan is preparing lunch for Elmo when the lights suddenly dim. Super Chef, the host of Cast Iron Cook (played by Jason Schwartzman), appears and announces that Alan has been selected as a contestant on his show. The store is quickly redecorated, and Alan's competitors are introduced.

Super Chef explains that Alan must beat the other cooks in three different rounds. In the first round, the contestants must prepare a P Stew, which must consist of only P-word ingredients. Alan, Chris, and Elmo create a stew that doesn't impress Super Chef, but their opponents' dish is disqualified when a chef's hat falls into their pot.

In the second round, the contestants must prepare an apple pie using exactly eight apples. Alan only has seven apples, but Elmo saves the day by providing an extra apple from his lunch bag. Chris accidentally adds pepper to their pie, but once again, their opponents are disqualified on a technicality when Super Chef finds his glasses in their pie.

The final round requires the contestants to prepare a Half-garian Goulash using any ingredients they like, but all must be cut in half. Alan quickly explains the concept to Elmo, and they create their dish. Super Chef dislikes their goulash but disqualifies the opponents when he finds his uncut wristwatch in their pot. Alan and his friends are declared the winners, and as Super Chef signs off, his belt is revealed to have been cut in half, causing his pants to fall.

Throughout the episode, various Muppet segments and performances are featured, including:

Abby Cadabby leading the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - C.

Cookie Monster and celebrity guest Anthony Mackie cooking soup together. Anthony realizes that the missing C-word ingredient is cookies, but since they don't belong in the soup, Cookie Monster eats them instead.

Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents "Lord of the Crumbs," a parody of "Lord of the Rings," where Cookie Monster plays Gobble. Gobble loses the recipe for "the one dessert to rule them all" and must remember it to restore cookies to the land of Monster Earth. By using a rhyming strategy, Gobble remembers the recipe, bakes the cookies, and then eats them.