Sesame Street Episode 4729 Big Bird's Big Move

Sesame Street Episode 4729
Big Bird's Big Move
Season 47

Sesame Street Episode 4729 Big Bird's Big Move

Sesame Street Episode 4729 Big Bird's Big Move

Sesame Street Episode 4729 Big Bird's Big Move

Sesame Street Episode 4729 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is Big Bird's Big Move. The air date of the episode is July 22, 2017. The number of the Episode is 0 and the letter is H.

In Episode 4729 of Sesame Street, the story begins with Big Bird's friends greeting him on a cold day. Chris serves Big Bird a warm bowl of Birdseed soup to help him feel cozy. Freddy Flapman (played by Lin-Manuel Miranda), a bird real estate agent, overhears Big Bird feeling cold and offers his services to find Big Bird a new habitat to migrate to. Freddy uses his "real estate magic" to take Big Bird and his friends on a virtual tour of the beach, where he raps about the advantages of living there and shows that birds like seagulls and pelicans reside in the area. However, Big Bird declines the offer and continues on his way.

Back at his nest, Gordon brings Big Bird a warm blanket to keep him comfortable. Freddy reappears, this time attempting to persuade Big Bird to move to the rainforest. After another virtual tour, Big Bird actually likes the idea of living in the rainforest and decides he wants to move there, much to Gordon's surprise.

Big Bird finishes packing and walks down the street, saying goodbye to all his friends, including Maria, Luis, Gabi, Susan, Gordon, Chris, Alan, Leela, Gina, Elmo, Barkley, Bob, Zoe, Rosita, Abby Cadabby, and Snuffy. They all express their sadness about Big Bird's departure. Big Bird reassures them that they can still visit and play together, but he soon realizes that the rainforest is too far away for them to visit frequently.

In the end, Big Bird decides that Sesame Street is where he truly belongs and sings a song about it. Freddy accepts defeat, and everyone heads to Hooper's to celebrate. The episode also features segments about the letter H, the number 0, and a Super Grover 2.0 sketch where he helps an octopus and shrimp with their bowling game. In this sketch, Super Grover 2.0 dives deep into the ocean wearing a scuba suit and uses various fruits to test whether they will float or sink. When they fail, he finds bricks that turn out to make the perfect pins for the creatures to continue playing. The episode concludes with Big Bird unpacking and Elmo expressing his happiness that Big Bird is staying on Sesame Street.

Throughout the episode, various Muppet segments and performances are featured, including:

Abby Cadabby leading the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - H.

A film segment titled "H is for Habitat," where a man takes children on a tour of the desert and beach, which are habitats for a variety of animals.

Cookie Monster and friends singing as they wait for the number of the day, which is how many cookies are being baked for him (to eat). Today's number is 0. Because this means no cookies, The Count presents him with an empty plate, which Cookie eats instead.
A cartoon segment in which an owl subtracts birds from the blue jay's nest party.

Elmo's World: Habitats.

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