Sesame Street Episode 4705 Having a Ball

Sesame Street Episode 4705
Having a Ball
Season 47

Sesame Street Episode 4705 Having a Ball

Sesame Street Episode 4705 Having a Ball

Sesame Street Episode 4705 Having a Ball

Sesame Street Episode 4705 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is Having a Ball. The air date of the episode is February 4, 2017. The number of the Episode is 3 and the letter is B.

In the heart of the episode, Elmo and Rosita are engrossed in a game with their bouncy friend, Saul the Ball. Their fun, however, is momentarily dampened by Chris's forecast of approaching rain and thunderstorms. Undeterred by the weather, Saul is excited to play, but Chris nudges them indoors for safety.

Once inside Elmo's bedroom, Saul grapples with the household rule of 'no ball games indoors' set by Elmo's dad. To help Saul understand, Elmo and Rosita break into a song about the rule. After a brief moment of disappointment, Saul bounces back, all set to play "inside games." The game of 'Hot Potato' commences, with Saul as the hot potato, but a misplaced throw leads to a minor accident, reminding them once again of the indoor rule.

To cheer up a dejected Saul, Rosita proposes they play superheroes, a game they once enjoyed on a rainy day. Elmo, Rosita, and Saul imagine themselves as superheroes, embarking on a thrilling mission to rescue a distressed football stuck in a basketball hoop. Super Saul's daring act saves the day, leaving them immersed in the fun, even after the rain ceases. Saul chooses to continue the indoor adventure, resulting in another minor mishap.

Transitioning from the fun-filled adventure, Abby Cadabby leads a musical segment introducing the letter of the day - B. Following the theme, the children show off various balls, each starting with 'B.'

A fresh problem arises in the Super Grover 2.0 segment. A cactus struggles with a deflating ball, and Super Grover arrives to investigate. Through observation, he identifies the cactus itself as the cause of the ball's deflation. Despite a few humorous failed attempts, Grover ultimately crafts a perfect foil ball for the cactus, concluding with a slightly prickly hug.

The episode wraps with Cookie Monster and his friends anticipating the number of the day, which signifies the quantity of cookies being baked. In this episode, it's a sweet number three.

Elmo's World: Balls

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