Sesame Street Episode 4704 Super Sitters

Sesame Street Episode 4704
Super Sitters
Season 47

Sesame Street Episode 4704 Super Sitters

Sesame Street Episode 4704 Super Sitters

Sesame Street Episode 4704 Super Sitters

Sesame Street Episode 4704 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is Super Sitters. The air date of the episode is January 28, 2017. The number of the Episode is 13 and the letter is B.

In our latest episode, Chris welcomes everyone while taking a stroll with a baby carriage, hinting towards a special visitor. Cookie Monster, expecting illustrious personalities like Mother Goose or the Queen of England, is taken by surprise when Chris introduces them to the little guest, baby Emma. The entrance of Grover, misinformed about the Queen's visit, disrupts Emma's peaceful nap, leading Cookie Monster and Grover into an impromptu babysitting mission.

Chris guides the monsters as they try to assist with Emma. They face a comical struggle understanding Emma's baby talk, but when Emma starts crying, Chris urges Grover to use baby logic to decipher her needs. Cookie Monster's initial solution - a cookie - fails to stop Emma's tears. Grover's amusing approach involving cows and cowboy garb to provide milk also doesn’t work out. Luckily, Chris has a formula bottle ready, and Cookie Monster is put in charge of feeding and burping Emma.

After feeding, Emma clings to Cookie Monster's fur, creating an affectionate moment. Grover diverts Emma's attention with a soft toy from her carriage, and Emma seems to love it. Observing signs of fatigue in Emma, they realize it's time for her nap. A loud lullaby from Cookie Monster and Grover is replaced by a calmer version after Chris's advice, lulling Emma to sleep. Chris lauds their babysitting skills, though they quickly silence him to avoid waking Emma.

In the Kindness Cam segment, Elmo reviews the day's events with clips acted out by real children, creating a touching relatable moment.

Abby Cadabby takes the lead in the next segment, engaging everyone in a song to learn the 'letter of the day' - B.

A thrilling episode from the 'Smart Cookies' follows, titled 'The Hidden Teething Biscuit'. The Smart Cookies face the challenge of protecting a baby's teething biscuit from the notorious Crumb while babysitting. A playful chase sequence ensues when the Crumb swipes the biscuit, with the baby herself initiating the chase.

The episode concludes with Cookie Monster and his friends singing while eagerly anticipating the 'number of the day', which denotes the count of freshly baked cookies for them. Today's count is a delicious thirteen.

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