Sesame Street Episode 4634 School for Chickens

Sesame Street Episode 4634
School for Chickens
Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4634 School for Chickens Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4634 School for Chickens Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4634 School for Chickens Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4634 appears in the 46th season. The name of the Episode is School for Chickens. The air date of the episode is August 27, 2016. The number of the Episode is 4 and the letter is S.

Elmo, the lovable red monster, and Chris are intrigued to find a man named Professor Buck Awe (played by Taran Killam) setting up a blackboard outside Hooper's Store. The curious duo discover that Professor Buck is starting "Professor Buck Awe's School for Clucks," the first of its kind - a free-range chicken school. As the school bell rings, Buck Awe sings a lively school song, welcoming the chickens, and inviting Elmo to join in the fun. Donning his chicken outfit, Elmo is all set for a day of learning like a chicken.

However, Buck Awe struggles to control the clucking classroom until Elmo introduces a concept from his pre-school - listening with your whole body. Elmo sings a catchy tune to demonstrate, teaching the chickens to use more than just their ears to pay attention. This simple strategy works, and the chickens quieten down.

When it's time for the alphabet lesson, the chickens cluck all at once, creating confusion. Chris suggests they raise their hands, inspiring another song from Elmo, "Raise Your Wing," which encourages orderly participation from the clucking pupils.

Snack time chaos ensues as the chickens all rush towards Buck. Once again, Elmo comes to the rescue with a new song - "Stand in Line," teaching the chickens to wait their turn. Despite the snack disruption, Buck is disappointed when the ending bell rings before he could start his alphabet lesson. However, Chris and Elmo remind him of the valuable school rules they learned that day. Grateful, Buck decides to rename the school "Professor Buck Awe and Professor Elmo's School for Clucks," honoring Elmo with a special new hat.

Next, Elmo and his friends introduce the letter 'S' through an energetic song and dance routine. An animated segment titled "S is for School" follows, where two animated characters sing about the joys of school.

In "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Ovejita guides Murray to a different learning environment - a pre-school! Here, Murray gets to explore various learning centers, observe a newly hatched butterfly, and even participate as a snack helper.

Count von Count and his friends engage in a fun-filled number session, introducing the number of the day - 4, with their signature song and dance.

Elmo's World: School

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