Sesame Street Episode 4625 Boo Boo Busters

Sesame Street Episode 4625
Boo Boo Busters
Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4625 Boo Boo Busters Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4625 Boo Boo Busters Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4625 Boo Boo Busters Season 46

Elmo and Chris observe Abby enthusiastically plastering bandages on herself and her plants, mistaking them for stickers. Oscar, peeking from his compost bin, cringes at the adorable spectacle. Chris steps in to clarify the actual function of a bandage, demonstrating with one on his own scrape. Intrigued by bandages, Abby and Elmo form the "Boo Boo Busters" squad, determined to aid those with boo-boos.

Answering to the sound of distress, they first assist Big Bird with a scrape on his beak, performing a thorough procedure which involves checking the heartbeat, cleaning the scrape with an antiseptic wipe, applying a charming birdie bandage, and offering a comforting "kiss-kiss." Their actions dismay Oscar even further.

Upon hearing more cries, the Boo Boo Busters promptly attend to the Two-Headed Monster with nose boo-boos. When the monster fears the sting of the antiseptic wipe, Chris instructs them on calming belly breathing, which helps them bear the sting. They're rewarded with heart-patterned bandages and more kisses.

Back in his regular trash can, Oscar accidentally slams the lid on his finger and is forced to accept the Boo Boo Busters' help, complete with a stinky fish bandage. However, he outright refuses the consolation kiss.

Next, Elmo and his friends present the letter of the day, B, with a lively song and dance.

In the next segment, the Smart Cookies team assembles at the city track to protect the Gingerbread Man practicing for a race from the Crumb. However, the Crumb manages to ice the track, causing chaos. Cookie Monster cleverly figures out that a pair of ice skates, suggested by Miss Fortune's clue, can save the Gingerbread Man.

Count von Count and his friends sing, dance, and stomp to reveal the number of the day - 13.

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