Sesame Street Episode 4617 Camping Show

Sesame Street Episode 4617
Camping Show
Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4617 appears in the 46th season. The name of the Episode is Camping Show. The air date of the episode is April 30, 2016. The number of the Episode is 16 and the letter is N.

Sesame Street Episode 4617 Camping Show Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4617 Camping Show Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4617 Camping Show Season 46

Chris and Elmo decide to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and embark on a camping trip. Chris excitedly presents all the food they've brought for their trip, including hot dogs and marshmallows. Elmo's eagerness to start a fire leads to an unexpected encounter with a beaver who has felled a tree. Elmo kindly invites the beaver to join them for dinner, but it turns out the beaver prefers bark over hot dogs. Despite wanting a break from cooking, Chris humorously gathers some bark from the tree for the beaver.

Their dinner soon attracts a couple of hungry turtles who are interested in neither hot dogs nor bark, but leaves and dandelions. Chris once again ventures into the wild to gather suitable food for the turtles. Just as they're about to start eating, a pair of raccoons join them. Elmo persuades Chris to let them stay, and Chris again heads off to collect nuts and berries for the raccoons. Just as they think they can finally begin their meal, a family of migrating ducks makes an appearance. To accommodate the ducks, Chris dives into a nearby pond to collect water plants.

After catering to the various dietary needs of their unexpected guests, a noisy dinner ensues. As the sun sets, Chris and Elmo reflect on their day while nestling into their sleeping bags. Despite the hectic day, Elmo expresses his desire to camp out every night, drawing a humorous reaction from Chris. The animal guests wish them goodnight, marking the end of their adventurous day.

Elmo and his friends segue into an educational segment, introducing the letter 'N' through a lively song and dance.

In a special segment titled 'N is for Nature', a young boy and his mom explore the rainforests of Australia, learning about the local flora and fauna.

Ovejita leads Murray to the Science and Nature program at the American Museum of Natural History in an episode of 'Murray Has a Little Lamb'. Here, they discover more about bugs, amphibians, reptiles, and the concept of camouflage during an outdoor safari.

Count von Count, with his lively gang, uses song and dance to introduce the number of the day - 16.

Elmo's World: Flowers, Plants & Trees

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