Sesame Street Episode 4175 - Slimey adopts a pet bug

Sesame Street Episode 4175
Slimey adopts a pet bug
Season 39

Sesame Street Episode 4175

Sesame Street Episode 4175

Sesame Street Episode 4175

Sesame Street Episode 4175 appears in the 39th season. The name of the Episode is Slimey adopts a pet bug. The air date of the episode is October 7, 2008. The number of the Episode is 15 and the letter is W.

Scenes: Gina encounters Oscar and Slimey, who are trying to start up the Sloppy Jalopy. She learns that Oscar plans to take Slimey to get a pet bug, which amuses her. They drive off, leaving Gina in a cloud of car exhaust. At the Bug-a-Wee Bug Shelter, Oscar and Slimey meet Natalie (Molly Shannon), who introduces them to various bugs: The Detroit Dirt Digger, Lackawanna Ladybugs, Sisyphus from Syracuse, and Chauncey the flea (along with the dog it resides on). Slimey chooses the Detroit Dirt Digger, who gazes at him lovingly, while Chauncey picks Natalie. Back home, Oscar and Slimey help Dirty, the new pet bug, settle in. Dirty initially seems frightened, so they follow The Bug Book's advice: dressing like bugs and singing the "Welcome Bug Song." This calms Dirty, who begins playing with Slimey. They watch as Dirty digs a letter W in the dirt.

Murray Has a Little Lamb: Ovejita, Murray's lamb, leads him to another escuela (school) with clues of una gallina (chicken), un cerdo (a pig), and una vaca (a cow). The school is revealed to be a farm school, where children learn to be veterinarians (individuals who care for plants and animals).

Muppets: Abby Cadabby plays with her doll, Prince, when Elmo wishes he had a doll too. Abby tries to conjure one for him but creates a pumpkin, a hat, and a marker instead. Elmo combines these items to make his own doll.

Global Grover: Grover returns from Australia, where he learned about Emily and her family, who volunteer as wildlife rescuers. Back home, Grover searches for an animal to assist and rescue, but each one rejects him. Frustrated, he collapses, only to find himself being rescued by others!

Muppets: The Twiddlebugs adopt a caterpillar, initially mistaking it for a cat. When it doesn't drink milk and has more than four legs, Tessie consults a book and realizes it's a caterpillar. They decide to name their new pet "Cat."

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