Sesame Street Episode 4170 - Curly Bear chases Baby Bear's cake

Sesame Street Episode 4170
Curly Bear chases Baby Bear's cake
Season 39

Sesame Street Episode 4170

Sesame Street Episode 4170

Sesame Street Episode 4170

Sesame Street Episode 4170 appears in the 39th season. The name of the Episode is Curly Bear chases Baby Bear's cake. The air date of the episode is September 24, 2008. The number of the Episode is 19 and the letter is H. The celebrity guest of Episode 4170 is India.Arie.

Scenes: Baby Bear is excited for his birthday party taking place in the yard today. As Telly arrives with a gift, Baby Bear shares his plan: they'll play party games and then enjoy his Mama Bear's special chocolate-porridge cake. Baby Bear is concerned that his little sister Curly might ruin the cake, so Telly vows to keep her away from it. Soon, other guests arrive with presents, and the celebration begins.

The first game is limbo. Telly succeeds, but when Curly tries to get the cake afterward, he stops her, accidentally breaking the limbo stick. Baby Bear isn't upset about the broken stick; he's relieved the cake is safe. The next game is "Pin the Spoon on the Porridge Bowl," which requires a blindfold. Baby Bear is spun around and pins the spoon at the bottom of the bowl. Curly's turn comes, and she rushes towards the cake again when she hears the word "cake." Telly stops her, but in doing so, breaks the porridge bowl picture board. Though Telly feels guilty, Baby Bear reassures him. Then, they play the Great Pogo Stick Game. Curly, despite her young age, joins in and bounces towards the cake. In a slow-motion shot, Telly tries to save the cake but ends up with his face in it instead. Baby Bear is devastated and believes his party is ruined. Blaming himself, Telly leaves the party in shame.

Gordon finds Telly looking sad and encourages him to return to the party. Baby Bear catches up with Telly, telling him the party isn't the same without his best friend. Telly feels better and rejoins the celebration. Baby Bear thanks everyone for attending and asks Telly to help blow out his candles. Curly blows them out first, wishes Baby Bear a happy birthday, and gives him a kiss. Baby Bear then lets her have the first piece of cake.

Murray Has a Little Lamb: Ovejita, Murray's lamb, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues un sartén (a pan), una espatula (a spatula), and un sombrero de cocinero (a chef's hat). The school is revealed to be a cooking school, where children learn to cook various dishes. Today, they make stuffed corn tortillas.

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Ernie and Bert find themselves working in a bakery. They receive a call from Big Bob, who orders a "Chocolate Surprise" and numerous other pastries to be delivered before he arrives. Frantically, they work together, using a cookbook for big orders, and unintentionally create chaos in the bakery. Big Bob, a rat, arrives and is delighted with the Chocolate Surprise they've unknowingly prepared.

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