Sesame Street Episode 4147 - The Missing Melon

Sesame Street Episode 4147
The Missing Melon
Season 38

Sesame Street Episode 4147

Sesame Street Episode 4147

Sesame Street Episode 4147

Sesame Street Episode 4147 appears in the 38th season. The name of the Episode is The Missing Melon. The air date of the episode is September 10, 2007. The number of the Episode is 7 and the letter is O. The celebrity guests of Episode 4147 are Mariska Hargitay and New York Jets.

Scenes: Gabi, Zoe, and Telly gather at a picnic table outside Hooper's Store for a picnic. Maria brings a melon, placing it on the table. As they momentarily focus on Telly's triangular napkins, the melon disappears! This calls for the Telly Detective Agency! Zoe eagerly joins Telly, and they begin questioning everyone, including the viewer. Gabi suggests using another fruit as bait, so Maria provides an orange. As Telly and Zoe hide, the orange mysteriously moves! Telly dons a melon disguise, hoping to catch the culprit. While Zoe watches "the melon," it starts moving too! Following tiny footprints, Zoe discovers a garden table with the stolen fruit, a small teddy bear, and an ant. The ant confesses to arranging a teddy bear picnic. They all join the picnic together.

Celebrity: Mariska Hargitay explains the concept of a mystery.

Film: Detective Jane Tuesday searches for a crunchy, sweet snack and finds her brother enjoying an apple.

Celebrity: Elmo practices football and sings the alphabet with four New York Jets members.

Song: "The First Time" - Children attempt various activities and gradually improve.

The Letter of the Day: O - Prairie Dawn tries to prevent Cookie Monster from eating the letter O, but he consumes it anyway to "make sure." Oh!

Song: Abby Cadabby, Rosita, and Zoe remember when Abby first came to Sesame Street, how they became friends by simply inviting her to play.

The Number of the Day: 7 - Seven dancing chickens appear for the number of the day.

Desperate Houseplants: Stinky the Stinkweed and a female plant yearn for sunlight and water until a gardener arrives to tend to them. Desperate Houseplants airs on the Bloom Network.

The Adventures of Trash Gordon Chapter 269: On the Planet of the Stinky Sock, Trash deals with its sole inhabitant by removing his own sock, making a pair.

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  1. The Soul guy and the O (and zero) breakdancer were the reason why the letter O wasn't my fav when I was little