Sesame Street Episode 4146 - Rosita, Telly, and Zoe play house

Sesame Street Episode 4146
Rosita, Telly, and Zoe play house
Season 38

Sesame Street Episode 4146

Sesame Street Episode 4146

Sesame Street Episode 4146

Sesame Street Episode 4146 appears in the 38th season. The name of the Episode is Rosita, Telly, and Zoe play house. The air date of the episode is September 6, 2007. The number of the Episode is 12 and the letter is N. The celebrity guests of Episode 4146 are Al Roker, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Scenes: Telly, Zoe, and Rosita eagerly welcome the viewer to Sesame Street, as they're playing "house" today and pretending to be a big happy family. Rosita is the mommy, Zoe is the baby, and Telly is the dog and the daddy. They sing their happy family song and encounter Alan, whom they pretend is "Uncle Sheldon." They decide to do chores like Alan and start arguing over who should dust the lamp and vacuum the rug. The once-happy family becomes angry and frustrated until Telly suggests they cooperate. They finish their chores and sing their happy family song again. Next, they want to take a drive in the happy car, but they all want to drive and have different destinations in mind. Their arguing leads them outside, where "Uncle Sheldon" intervenes. Alan explains that families aren't always happy, and solving problems together makes them stronger. They let "Uncle Sheldon" drive and sing "Let's Go Driving," heading to a movie about a dog show at the zoo, by the beach.

Celebrity: Al Roker shares photos of his family.

The Letter of the Day: N - Prairie Dawn wonders if Cookie Monster will eat her letter N, even though it's not a cookie.

Song: Muppet & Kid Moment — Abby Cadabby and Kayla delightfully sing The Alphabet Song.

Celebrity: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill perform "Take a Turn."

Animation: The Twiddlebugs attempt to take a family photograph.

The Adventures of Gina the Veterinarian: Gina tells Marco a bedtime story about her desert adventure bringing water to a camel. The camel announces the sponsors.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter N and by the number 12.

  2. Aaron: Ah greetings it is I Aaron and right now you and I are going to learn what is the Number of the day

    Thomas: 🎵One
    Aaron: 2
    Edward: 🎵Two
    Aaron: 3
    Henry: 🎵Three
    Aaron: 4
    Gordon: 🎵Four
    Aaron: 5
    James: 🎵Five
    Aaron: oh when will we get to the Number of the Day? 6
    Percy: 🎵Six
    Aaron: 7
    Toby: 🎵Seven
    Aaron: 8
    Duck: 🎵Eight
    Aaron: 9
    Donald: 🎵Nine
    Aaron: Hmm the suspense is getting to me, 10!
    Douglas: 🎵Ten
    Aaron: 11
    Oliver: 🎵Eleven
    Aaron: 12
    Emily: 🎵Twelve
    Engines cheer for 12 as #12 pops out of Emily's Funnel
    Aaron: Haha today's Number is #12 haha
    A tap dancing #12 appears
    Aaron: oh look, oh look it's a titillating tap dancing #12 ah terrific.