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Sesame Street Fiesta

Sesame Street Fiesta

Sesame Street Fiesta

Sesame Street Fiesta

Fiesta! was aired in 1998. Fiesta is a Sesame Street video. It is produced by Sony Wonder. In 1998 Fiesta is produced as VHS format. In 2004  Fiesta is produced as DVD format by Sony Wander. In 2008 ıt is produced as DVD by Genius Entertainment (double feature with Sing Along)

Sesame Street residents prepare for a fiesta. Rosita makes a float for the carnival, but unfortunately Elmo breaks it. It happens accidentallly.

The float is fixed by Maria. At the same time Gabi tries to prepeare the costumes for carnival. Elmo and Rosita has no idea about what they willwear for carnival as a costume. finally they decide to wear bugs costumes.

They are not only preparing for costumes but also The children, Elmo, and Rosita practice the conga.

After trying to fix it, Maria finally is able to to fix the float, but the fix goes to waste because Elmo accidentally breaks the float again.

Maria is dressed as a Queen Bee, and announces the beginning of the carnival.

Fiesta video includes songs:

"Numero Comparsa" is a bilingual song. It is performed by Celia Cruz, with a salsa rhythm.

"Numero Comparsa" is a bilingual song performed on Sesame Street by Celia Cruz, with a salsa rhythm.

"Amigo" is sung. The song is about friendship and multiculturalism
 In Fiesta video, second verse of this song cut out.

Rosita performs Fiesta. The song is the tittle of the video at the same time.

"El Baile del Pinguino"

Conga Counting Song is sung. It's a filmed song sequence.

"It Sure is Hot!" (Hace Calor): the Anything Muppets sing this song.The song is about a boy who wants to begin a conversation with Rosalita. He is shy.They  talk about the weather in Spanish and their conversation begins with this way.

"South America Way" is performed. The song is about the way to say "good morning" and "good night" in Spanish. In Fiesta video, second verse of this song cut out.

"La Charreada": Linda Ronstadt sings a song with Elmo and Parker Monster with a Mariachi band. The name of the song is "La Charreada"The song is about a preparation of Fiesta. In Fiesta! video, the introduction of this song cut out.