Elmo's Super Numbers

Sesame Street Elmo's Super Numbers

Sesame Street Elmo's Super Numbers

Sesame Street Elmo's Super Numbers

Sesame Street Elmo's Super Numbers

Elmo's Super Numbers was released in 2014. It is produced by Warner Home Video. Elmo's Super Numbers is in DVD format.

"The Furry Four" street story, "Elmo the Musical: President," The Word of the Day: Respect with Henry Cavill, and a full-length video - Elmo's Shape Adventure are bonus features of Elmo's Super Numbers.

frame1: At the beginning of the scene Elmo and Leela are seen. Today very special day. Sesame Street is hosting the biggest number convention - Numeric Con. They celebrate their favorite number characters. Elmo is seen as The Dark Nine, and Leela as  Princess Three-ah.

There are two cartoon parts after frame one. They are about the  number 1.

"We're Talking 'Bout the Number One is sung by Christopher Cerf.
The film part is about thne number 1, too.

frame2:  Elmo, Leela, the Two-Headed Monster and other fans get a sneak peek at the new Doctor Two, as introduced by Mando. Doctor Two completes counting with the helop of The Dark Nine.

After frame 2 there are animation and song parts. They are about the number 2.

f3: In this part of the Elmo's Super Numbers we see Cookie Monster as In-Three-Ana Jones.

In the film part, there are  yellow birds, red mushrooms and frogs, they are counted in the woods. The number 3 is main theme of the film and animation in this part.

"Three Is My Favorite Number is sung by An animated farmer and woodworker.

f4: Elmo wants to get a picture with the Fantabulous Four as part of his Numeric Con plan, but she vanishes.

Elmo wants Alan to wear a costume and blonde wig that provides him look like Disappearing Girl.

In the cartoon part, there is girl who blows 4 bubbles. There are four beatboxers in the film part.

f5: Elmo wants to get an autograph from Fiverine, who happens to be Chris' favorite hero.

There are five dogs and bones ın the cartoon part. Muppets part is alsoabout number five. The Rainbow Fish is seen and counts groups of 5 in the ocean.

"Five Kangaroos is sung by Jessica Mauboy.

f6: Elmo's Super Numbers video is mainly about the number. In this part we see number 6.

In the film part Kids discover a 6 in a pile of rocks. Animation and film part is about the number six.

f7: Elmo's Super Numbers video is mainly about the number. In this part we see number 7.

Animation: There are seven abstract animated creatures. They gather for a 7th birthday party.

In the cartoon part , we see a hopscotch game with 7 squares.

f8: Elmo meets Bert. Bert appears as the "Caped Crus8er.

After frame 8, there are two film and an animation part. They are about the number 8.

f9: Elmo's last Numeric Con goal, and his most important, is to count to 10 with his favorite hero: the Green Lan-ten.

Cartoon: There are nine Spanish dancer, they dance.

f10: Elmo wants to count with an equally great number character. It is Cap-ten Kirk.

10 doggy kisses in the cartoon part. A butterfly counts 10 flower petals in animation part.

FRAME 11: Elmo and Leela complete the numbers and they had a great day at Numeric Con!

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