Elmo Slides Sesame Street The Elmo Slide


Elmo Slide is a new dance genre discovered by the famous Sesame Street character Elmo. Elmo both entertains and educates with his dance and song.

The song Elmo Slide is performed by Elmo. However, many people accompany Elmo in the video clip of the song.

Elmo Slides Sesame Street The Elmo Slide

The song Elmo Slide is displayed on a platform called UTUBE. Thus, a gentle reference is made to the video platform giant Youtube. There are also celebrities in the video clip of the song. Ryan Reynolds appears and flaps his arms when Elmo says “flap your arms”. Alton Brown slides to the other side. Terrence Howard turns around. Usher appears at the end of the clip and gets up.

Elmo Slides Sesame Street The Elmo Slide 1

So, what is the secret message that this song wants to give to preschoolers, have you ever thought? Let's dance together, shake it this way and that! While dancing is nice, that's not the answer, no. Obesity is a very serious problem in America today. Studies show that the age of obesity is decreasing day by day. Cardiovascular diseases caused by obesity increase the risks of stroke and heart attack in advancing age. The enemy of obesity is an active lifestyle and exercise. Right here, “Elmo Slide” aims to make children love to move. Yes, that's exactly it.

Elmo Slides Sesame Street The Elmo Slide 2

Pbs Learning Media has added a pdf file called “Animal Charades” to the collection of the song. Pdf has the theme of coloring animals for kids and moving like painted animals.

The lyrics of the song were written by Judy Freudberg. Judy Freudberg is an important name in many song, episode, special video and book projects for Sesame Street. “Around the Rock”, “Back Front Tap Rap”, “You're My Best Friend”, “The Cookie Dance”, “Get Up and Go Dance” are some of the other Sesame Street songs contributed by the famous songwriter.

The music of the song Elmo Slide is the work of Bill Sherman. We also remember Sherman from songs such as "Belly Breathe", "Abby's Fairy Garden", "Be a Good Friend". Good job Bill.

Here are the lyrics to this fun Elmo song:

It's time to do the Elmo slide! (laughing)

Everybody flap your arms!

Here we go now.

Flap, Flap, Flap, Flap Your Arms.


Slide to the front.

Slide to the back.

Slide to the side.

Slide to the other side.

Jump one time.

Jump two times.

Turn around.

Turn around the other way.

Get Down now.

Get up now.

Lift one knee.

Lift the other knee.

The Elmo slide,

The Elmo slide!



Here we go again,

Let's get to work.

Flap your arms, everybody.

Flap your arms!

Flap, flap, flap, flap.

slide to the front

Slide to the back

slide to the side

Slide to the other side

Jump one time

Chorus: one!

Jump two times

Chorus: one, two!

Jump three times

Chorus: one, two, three!

yeah come on!

turn around,

Turn around the other way.

Now, the other way again

Again, again, again, again!


Get down, now.

Get up now.

Tap your toes.

Now touch your nose, that's the way it goes!

The Elmo slide,

The Elmo slide!

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