Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet is a alphabet themed special that was released in 2005 produced by Sony Wonder.

Two celebrities star in the Special, the first is American comedian and actress Nicole Sullivan, and the second is American actress, comedian and writer Stephen Colbert.

Nicole Sullivan plays the capital letter "A" and Stephen Colbert plays the capital "Z". In the All Star Alphabet video, these two letters are specially chosen, one is the first letter of the alphabet and the other is the last letter.

Some of the segments featured in Sesame Street All Star Alphabet are as follows:

"Elmo's Rap Alphabet" is a song sung by Elmo and first appeared in Sesame Street Episode 3456.

Cartoon: "A" words are presented in a cartoon.

"No Letter Better Than B" is a song sung by the Dixie Chicks and first aired on Episode 3996.

Zoe and Elmo introduce the letter "C" while riding toy Horses in All Star Alphabet.

A muppet "D" and Telly presents the letter "D". This scene of Telly and the Muppet "D" is first broadcast on Sesame Street 3970.

"G, You're Great" is the song of big and small "G". "G, You're Great" first aired on Sesame Street Episode 3397.

In the cartoon "Soul H", the song about the letter "H" is sung.

"I Soaks Up the Sun" is sung by Sheryl Crow, Elmo, Zoe and Rosita. Apart from Sesame Street All Star Alphabet, "I Soaks Up the Sun" has also appeared in the videos "Learning Letters with Elmo" and "Singing with the Stars".

Cartoon: Jumping J - A group of animals jumping with the letter "J".

The song "M is for Monster" is sung by Sesame Street characters such as Elmo, Zoe, Harry Monster. The song, in which various monsters participated as a chorus, was also featured in videos such as "All Star Alphabet", "Alphabet Songs", "Awesome Alphabet Collection".

Film: Three children form the letter "N" with their bodies.

Cartoon: There is a story of Queen Quagmire and a duck in a cartoon. It first airs in Sesame Street Episode 4073.

The song Cookie Monter's R Rap, first aired on Episode 3995 and is sung by Cookie Monster in the "Letter of the Day" segment. R Rap Song also appears in the videos "Awesome Alphabet Collection", "The Letter of the Month Club" and "Sesame Street All Star Alphabet".

Muppets: In a competition featuring Grover and Prairie Dawn, Grover has little time to say the "S" word.

"Like the Way U Does" is a song about the letter "U" sung by Melissa Etheridge. "Like the Way U Does" was released in "Songs from the Street: 35 Years of Music" in audio format and "Sesame Street All Star Alphabet" in video format.

Celebrity: Larry King interviews the letter "W" on the Larry King Live TV set so we learn people's favorite "W" words.

Don't Know Y is a popular Sesame Street song sung by Norah Jones. The fact that the song is featured in videos such as All Star Alphabet, Singing with the Stars, Awesome Alphabet Collection, Alphabet Songs is proof of how popular it is.

Muppets: Cookie Monster and little girl Lexine introduce "Z" words.

"The Alphabet Hip Hop song" is sung by Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Rosita, Zoe, and Miles. ABC Hip Hop song first aired in Episode 4053 and then became popular. Gordon and Susan's son Miles Robinson is the main performer of the song. When the song became popular, it was also released in audio format "Super Grover! Ready for Action". The song was also featured in video format on "All Star Alphabet", "Alphabet Songs", "The Letter of the Month Club", "40 Years of Sunny Days", "Preschool is Cool ABCs with Elmo"

You can watch Sesame Street All Star Alphabet video on our website. 

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

Sesame Street All Star Alphabet

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