Sesame Street Episode 4403

 Sesame Street Episode 4403 video

The Flower Show (Season 44 Episode 3)

What’s the Word on the Street?: Fragrance

SCENES: Elmo welcomes the viewer to the Sesame Street Flower Show as everyone on the street sings about it.

Elmo and Rosita hear Stinky the Stinkweed screaming because he is struggling to grow a flower before the show begins. Leela tells him that he is nervous and should breathe in and relax. Then, a plant starts up a conversation, where it talks about its flowers when suddenly, two flowers grow on it.

Sesame Street 4403

Stinky yells again, bringing back his friends, and Leela tells him to do the belly breathing. Well, since he doesn’t have hands or a belly, he places his leaves on his middle and breathes. The other plant has grown nine flowers already.

Stinky is frustrated that he can’t grow flowers like the other plants and gets frustrated. But Leela tells him that he is not like the other plants, he is “Unique”.

Sesame Street 4403

So stinky repeats to himself that he is unique and the judges roll by, about to give the other plant the ribbon when suddenly, a big flower grows on Stinky and he gets the ribbon. When the other plant is frustrated, he tells it that it is unique.

Celebrity: Elmo and Troy Polamalu look for something with a pleasant fragrance.

Sesame Street Episode 4403

Animation: The Wordbots find various things with a nice fragrance.

Muppets: Murray and Overjita visit a gardening school.

Sesame Street Episode 4403

Film: D is for Dance featuring a montage of ballet dancers.

Animation: D is for Dolphin, dive, and deep.

Muppets: Murray and Jordan introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Captain Hook visits class because he lost his treasure and the students help him to get it again. The treasure turns out to be applesauce.

Sesame Street Episode 4403

Muppets: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures is next, but first, Murray learns how to plant flowers.

Muppets: Oscar presents The Count with 0, the number of the day.

Sesame Street Episode 4403

Muppets: Murray and Francisco introduce Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.

Cookie’s Crumby Pictures: presents Cookies of the Caribbean.

Film: Gymnasts form a triangle.

Muppets: Elmo the Musical is coming up, but first Murray learns more about gardens.

Muppets: Mr. Johnson wants a coffee but sadly, Grover is his waiter and he screws everything up.

Sesame Street Episode 4403

Muppets: Murray and his group introduce "Elmo the Musical".

Elmo the Musical: Detective the Musical; Elmo is a detective who receives a call from a man who can’t stop sneezing.

Sesame Street Episode 4403

Muppets: Sesame Street Episode 4403 ends. Murray announces the sponsors. 

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