Sesame Street Episode 4401

Sesame Street Episode 4401 video

Telly gets Jealous

Season 44 Episode 1

What’s the Word on the Street? : Jealous

Telly, Baby Bear, and their pets are having a playdate together and they sing about how today feels like “The Best Friends Kinds of Day”. They also notice that their pets are conversing and becoming best friends too.

SCENES: Elmo arrives and Telly tells Chuckie Sue to greet him but the hamster can’t talk, however, Ralphie greets Elmo, which amazes him. Ralphie can even speak in fluent Spanish and even compliments Maria’s blue blouse. Telly says that Chuckie Sue only makes squeaky noises but she remains silent. 

Sesame Street 4401

Telly also says that Chuckie Sue can eat Sunflower seeds right out her hand, but she remains still. Ralphie has made his own snack – a fruit salad which amazes Alan. Telly tries to get Chuckie Sue to run on her wheel but when she doesn’t do anything, Telly says that she is tired right now. 

Baby Bear knows a more quiet game they can play; The Shape Game. The Count hears Ralphie counting the sides of a hexagon and he joins him. He compliments Baby Bear for having such a talented pet and thinks about getting his own parrot. 

Sesame Street 4401

Now it’s Chuckie Sue’s turn but she still remains quiet, with no answer. When Baby Bear offers Telly to make Ralphie teach Chuckie Sue, Telly has had it and erupts, calling Baby Bear a show off before leaving.

Gordon comes outside and learns about the whole situation. He tells Telly that he isn’t angry, but jealous. He tells him, that whenever he feels jealous, he should breathe and calm down. When Telly feels better, he goes off to apologize to Baby Bear. 

Sesame Street 4401

Telly apologizes to Baby Bear and admits his true feelings and Baby Bear says, that Telly can play with Ralphie whenever he wants. They sing a reprise of “The Best Friends Kind of Day”.

Celebrity: Abby and Charlize Theron talk about the word jealous. 

Charlize Theron sesame street

Animation: Bleep is jealous of the perfect snowman his robot fellow makes and his friend allows him to use his machine too.

Muppets: Murray announces Abby’s Flying Fairy School and states that he is not feeling good. He has a case of the letter C.

Film: Two kids picture C words in the clouds.

Film: A woman forms a C in yoga.

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Everyone brings their pet to class and test them in different events. Abby has her frog prince, Gonnigan his ant, Thor, and Blogg his banana slug Gertrude. Niblet also participates in different events. 

Sesame Street 4401

Muppets: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures is coming, but first, Magic Murray has a trick show.

Cartoon: 7 trucks are counted in a sandbox.

Animation: Seven creatures gather for a birthday party.

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.

Muppets: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures presents The Spy Who Loved Cookies. 

Sesame Street 4401

Muppets: Elmo the Musical is up next, but first, it’s time for Murray’s Monster Measuring.

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Elmo the Musical.

Elmo the Musical: Bird the Musical. Elmo imagines he’s a bird and has to watch over his eggs in the nest. 

Sesame Street 4401

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors and Sesame Street Episode 4401 ends.

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