The Count (Count von Count) - Sesame Street Character

The Count (Count von Count)

Inspired from Count Dracula, but a friendly vampire Count von Count is on Sesame Street till 1972 (season 4). His first act was counting blocks with Bert and Ernie.

Count von Count is a real fan of counting. He counts everything around him. He counts and counts and then he laughs and announces his total. This is accompanied by a crash of thunder. Count’s laugh is also accompanied from a thundercloud.

He sings song in Roma music as "Counting Is Wonderful" and "The Batty Bat".

The Count live in an old castle with a lot of bats and sure he counts them too J. Except his bats Grisha, Misha, Sasha and Tattiana, he has also a cat Fatatita and an octopus Octavia. He plays violin and a pipe organ. In many episodes he announced the Number oft he Day.

Sesame Street Count on Sports

Count Family

While we occasionally see the Count in a romantic way with Contess, we can also see that she courts guests like Lady Two and Susan Sarandon. While his cousin countess dahling von dahling, she can streak lightning by counting. Other members of his family are grandmother, grandfather, brother, mother and uncle Uno.

He speaks in an Eastern European accent and he waves his hands to exercise hypnotic power over other Muppets and people. He is inspired from Count Dracula but he is not a real vampire. He is a friendly Muppet figure.

Elmo Says Boo


Except the Sesame Street, he was in the Muppet Movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Follow That Bird, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, A Celebration of 30 Years and A Muppet Family Christmas. He has also a special appearance on episode 518. By the show with MeryƟ Sheep on 14. November 1988, he was the co-host.


The Count has a car named Countmobile.
He was the DJ fort he album The Count’s Countdown.
As he introduces himself, he says: "Oh hello, it is I, The Count. I’m called the Count because I love to count. Err, that, and I inherited my father’s royal title"
One of his favorite song is  "Count it Higher". Other favorite songs are "Born to Add" "Count on Me" and "99 Red Balloons"
Count von Count says that he is 6523728 years old.

Count von Count Performers

Jerry Nelson 1972-2012
Matt Vogel 2013-present

Sesame Street Character The Count Books 

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Sesame Street Books with Count von Count

The Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 Storybook (1973)
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Boo! (2005)
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Know Your Numbers (2006)
Learn About Counting with the Count (2006)
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Murray's First Book of Words (2010)
Over on Sesame Street (2012)

Some people call it Count Dracula, others call it a vampire. But the name of this Sesame Street character is The Count. (Count von Count)

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