Sesame Street Episode 4309 - Practice Makes Proud

Sesame Street Episode 4309
Practice Makes Proud

Sesame Street Episode 4309 appears as the 9th episode of the 43rd season. The name of the Episode is Practice Makes Proud.  The air date of the episode is October 24, 2012.  The number of the Episode is 15 and the letter is H. The content of Sesame Street Episode 4309 includes the following:

What's the Word on the Street? :  In Sesame Street Episode 4309, we meet the word Proud. It means feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.

SCENES: Elmo appears at the beginning of the scene. Today he will play basketball. He has a special preparations for play that including his special shirt, special ball and a healthy snack for energy. He shows them to Leela.  Elmo has a trouble getting his shirt on. Abby comes. Because Abby's mother helped Cinderella get dressed for the ball, Abby helps Elmo in the same way and she offers to be his fairy godmother. Abby also gives to Elmo magical teeth brushing.

Sesame Street Episode 4309

Elmo shows Abby how to play the game. He throws the ball and misses the hoop. He tries again, but still has same results, he gets sad because of this. Fairy Godmother Abby has an idea, she uses magic that provides not miss the hoop. Elmo is so happy, because he can play very well, but he finds something is missing.

Sesame Street Episode 4309

Leela comes back and they tell her what's happened when she is not there. Leela predicts what Elmo's not feeling and says Abby to cancel the magic from the ball. She explains Elmo how to play basketball and if he becomes unsuccessful, he should continue practice in order to be successful, to sum up she expresses the importance of practicing instead of using magical power. 

Sesame Street Episode 4309

Elmo finds what was missing that is the feeling of pride. It is the word of this episode at the same time. He and his friends sing a song. It is about pride.

MUPPETS / CELEBRITY: Timothy Olyphant, who is an actor, is in the Sesame Street Episode 4309. He talks about pride with Abby. 

Sesame Street Episode 4309

MUPPETS / CELEBRITY: Common and Colbie Caillat are another celebrity guests in Sesame Street Episode 4309. They sing a song with Elmo. The name of the song is "Belly Breathe."

Sesame Street Episode 4309

MUPPETS: The letter of day is H. Murray presents the letter.

FILM: Sesame Street Episode 4309 continues with film part. There are two kids and they identify H words in their clubhouse. H is the letter of day in this episode.

ABBY'S FLYING FAIRY SCHOOL: Today is Picture Day at school. Except for Gonnigan, all the students are looking nice. Gonnigan has a bad hair day. Abby thinks that Rapunzel-Brand Hair Gel work. She uses all of it, because he has much hair. It looks nice at the beginning, but later they lose the control, because Abby used all of them. After some amazing adventures Abby cuts his hair. Now it is in normal length and the class takes their picture.

Sesame Street Episode 4309

MUPPETS: There is a Muppet girl who appears on the scene. She sings a song. The name of the song is I Love My Hair.

ANIMATION: There are 15 ladybugs in the garden.15 is the number of day in Sesame Street Episode 4309.

The Number of the Day 15: The Count sings while he tries to reach the number of the day, and a penguin presents him the number. It is 15.

SUPER GROVER 2.0: There are two little piggies are sailing through a swamp. They need the help of Super Grover because the wind dies down, stranding them. Super Grover comes to their boat in order to help them. 

Sesame Street Episode 4309

ANIMATION: Sesame Street Episode 4309 goes on with animation part. A cartoon pig sings a song, the name of song is "Bein' a Pig”.

Ernie & Bert: Ernie uses Bert's bottle cap box. He pretends it is spaceship, treasure chest, robot costume.

ELMO THE MUSICAL: Murray and boys announces "Elmo the Musical.” Sesame Street Episode 4309 goes on with Elmo the Musical. Elmo imagines himself as a captain in this segment and also chickens are his crew. Elmo and his crew try to find the elusive whale, Moby Pink. There are six songs that are sung in this episode. The name of the songs are:

"Captain Elmo," "Heave Ho," "Look 'n Flap," "Eight is Great," "Barnacle Subtraction," "Dancing with a Whale".

Sesame Street Episode 4309

At the end of the Sesame Street Episode 4309, Murray announces the sponsors.

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