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Sesame Street Count on Sports video

Count On Sports

In this episode of Sesame Street, Ernie and Bert do a sports show, showing us how different sports look and how you play them and how sports have a lot of similarities to math, including numbers, shapes, and directions (above, below).
Count on Sports

10 Different Sport Balls

As Bert was reading his book, Ernie was preparing his sports show called ESSN. Bert wanted to read his maths book and of course, when Ernie said that he is going to do a sports show, he got kind of annoyed. Sesame Street Count on Sports starts with all its fun.

Count on Sport

Ernie said that Sports have a lot to do with maths. For example, sports include things like shapes, numbers, counting, lengths, etc. So Bert joins the show and they show us different sports and how they work. They also show us how you can count something in every sport. 

First, there is golf which is moderated by Grover. He shows us how to play golf and then a scene of Van Count, counting how many times he has to hit the ball to get it out of a sand trap. 

Sesame Street Count on Sports

Next, there is soccer which is moderated by Praire on Sesame Street Count on Sports. She is also telling us how to play soccer and what the rules are followed by a scene where we see a soccer player bouncing the ball up 5 times without letting it drop. Then Bert is counting 10 different sports balls including golf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, basketballs, and soccer balls.
Sesame Street Count Sport

Next, we see gymnastics also moderated by Praire Dawn. We get to see Dominique Dawes walking forward, backward, up and down in an athletic way followed by a gymnastic class for kids which are tumbling, jumping, hopping, and running.

Sesame Street Count on Sports continues with Elmo and friends, we see Elmo riding on a tricycle through the park with kids joining him. He is riding over bridges, through tunnels, etc. Then, Bert has sorted all the balls in piles, meaning, he put the small balls into one pile and the big piles in another.
Count on Sports

Next is basketball, moderated by Grover again together with Vince Carter. We see them comparing heights. Vince is tall in comparison to Grover, who is short. Then, we see a Claymation of two cavemen, showing us how to play basketball with turns. 

Count on Sports

Back in the studio, Ernie and Bert show us their special guest: Elmo! Elmo is telling us all about his top 10 favorite sports being: Riding his tricycle, playing ping pong, running a marathon, playing baseball, bowling, playing golf, playing pan ball, playing tennis, and ice skating. Thanks to Sesame Street Count on Sports, we learn the sports Elmo loves.
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Next, we see Murray going to a baseball place and searching for shapes there. He found a diamond, a sphere which is the ball, a triangle on a player’s shirt, a square which is the base, a pentagon which is the home plate, a circle which is the bottom of a cup, a rectangle which is the scoreboard. 

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Baseball is next at Sesame Street Count on Sports. Ernie and Bert are doing the 70th inning stretch, which is done in every 70th inning in a baseball game followed by Elmo and his friends doing the 70th inning stretch with singing.
Sesame Street Count on Sports

Next, Ernie and Bert are talking to Sir Hairy the Tennisball. He explains how Tennis works and how the score is counted with numbers like 15, 30, and 45. He also explains that Tennis is played with a racket on a court and of course, a ball. We learn while having fun with Sesame Street Count on Sports. Then we see different clips of kids playing with balls. 
Sesame Street Count on Sports

Next, we see Elmo and Venus Williams playing Tennis. But not the usual Tennis. They play imaginary Tennis, one of Elmo’s self - invented games. But Venus Williams never played Tennis, so Elmo shows her how to do it. After a few tries, Venus Williams finally can play imaginary Tennis with Elmo. Then the episode ends with the 70th inning stretch song. Sesame Street Count On Sports ends.

Count on Sports

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