Sesame Street Episode 4305

Sesame Street Episode 4305 Video

Me Am What Me Am
Season 43

COLD OPEN: Patience

SCENES: While Cookie Monster waits for Chris to make a new batch of cookies, Chris gives him some carrots to eat. Cookie Monster munches the carrots when Mario Lopez from EXTRA Sesame Street arrives with some breaking news- The Cookie Monster is now the Veggie Monster! Cookie wants to convince him otherwise, but the playback footage shows him eating the carrots.

Sesame Street 4305

Cookie Monster is worried about being the Veggie Monster, but Chris assures him, that no one will call him that. Then, Zoe and Rosita arrive and call Cookie Monster Veggie Monster now, because they heard it in the news. They turn on the TV and see footage of Cookie Monster listing the positives of carrots. Zoe and Rosita run off to tell the rest of the street but Cookie wants to prove he is not the Veggie Monster.

Sesame Street 4305

Outside Hooper’s, Cookie encounter Big Bird and Snuffy, who both don’t have cookies, but some cabbage Cookie monster eats the whole bowl of cabbage and Mario arrives again, telling the viewers that Veggie Monster is at it again. Cookie Monster again tries to defend himself but makes it even worse. Now even Big Bird and Snuffy call him Veggie Monster.

When Chris brings cookie a celery snack, cookie can’t resist and dresses like a monster named Rose Marie. He plows through the celery and Mario appears again, reporting about Veggie Monster, but Cookie Monster tells them that it’s not who he is. He sings “Me Am What Me Am” to explain that he’ll always be Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street 4305

Maria and the rest apologize for not believing him. Then, Chris brings out the finished cookies and he gobbles them all. Mario now reports that Veggie Monster is Cookie Monster again. But when he takes a bite out of a lamppost, he is now lamppost monster.

Celebrity: Zac Efron talks about the word “patience” while Elmo waits for him to finish so they can play basketball.

Sesame Street 4305

Muppets: Murray announces that Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, it’s time for Alphabet Cook-off!

Animation: Two Kids find a wand in the woods and wish w words. The Boy is Gavin Hoyle, from Canada.

Animation: Fireflies lead the way to the W words in the forest.

Muppets: Murray and Jordan introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Animation: Captain Hook visits class because he lost his treasure and the students help him to get it again. The treasure turns out to be applesauce.

Sesame Street 4305

Song: Count Me In

Muppets: Super Grover 2.0 is coming up, but now it’s time for “Number Cook-Off!”.

Muppets: Elmo and Abby sing “Two is You and Me”

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Super Grover 2.0

Muppets: A bird family struggles to get their new grand piano in their nest and Super Grover 2.0 helps them.

Sesame Street 4305

Muppets: Murray declares, that in a few minutes, a curtain will rise on ‘Elmo the Musical’.

Muppets: Birdwalk Empire: Nucky Ducky

Sesame Street 4305

Muppets: Murray and Austin introduce “Elmo the Musical”

Elmo the Musical: Pizza
Today, Elmo imagines himself as a space pizza delivery monster, set to deliver the number 10 special to mars.

Sesame Street 4305

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors and Sesame Street Episode 4305 ends.

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