Sesame Street Episode 4304

Sesame Street Episode 4304 Video

Baby Bear Comes Clean
Season 43

What’s the Word on the Street? : Careful

SCENES: The Bear Family is going to visit Grandma Bear and Baby Bear is wearing a clean white shirt. Papa Bear leaves to get Curly Bear ready and he tells Baby Bear not to get his shirt dirty. Maria and Zoe come by and invite Baby Bear to paint with them in the garden, but Baby Bear declines. Rosita and Leela then ask him if he wants to play basketball with them, but again, he passes.

Sesame Street 4304

Telly passes by with Baby Bears' favorite ice cream flavors and Baby Bear tells him, that he should stand as far away as possible because his ice cream could drip on his shirt. When Baby Bear sees the Ice cream flavors on Telly’s ice cream, he says that Telly can come over so Baby Bear could lick the ice cream very cautious. But despite how careful he does it, there is a purple spot left on his shirt collar. When Papa Bear comes by, telling Baby Bear about a small delay, he hides the spot behind Telly.

Sesame Street 4304

Telly gets a napkin and tries to wipe off the stain on the shirt, but that only makes it worse. Then Zoe returns and has an idea: First, dip the napkin into the water and then wipe. But that makes it even worse than before.

Oscar then comes by and offers them his own idea: take it down to the river and beat it with rocks. That’s how they cleaned laundry in the days before laundry powder and soap. Since there’s no river anywhere near, Oscar instead just beats it with a rock, which spreads dirt all over the shirt. He leaves with a mean laugh.

Sesame Street 4304

Rosita comes back too and learns about the situation as she offers another idea – a vacuum cleaner. The shirt gets sucked in and Telly fights to get it out and puts it in an even worse condition. Then, Telly offers to instead of getting it white again, they could make it to match the purple stain.

They paint it with Zoe’s paint, but Baby Bear can’t put it in on in two or three hours! Abby uses some magic to make it a clean white shirt again. It works, but the shirt has got sentience now and runs off, making Telly and Baby Bear tackle it down, resulting it in becoming even dirtier than before.

Sesame Street 4304

Gordon exits the building and learns what has happened and offers and idea – just tell him the truth! Even if Papa Bear gets mad, nothing is more important than being honest. Papa Bear arrives and Baby Bear tells him what happened and Papa Bear forgives him. He is proud that Baby Bear told him the truth and goes home with him to get him cleaned up.

CelebrityCasey Affleck and Murray explain what careful means.

Sesame Street 4304

FilmA man describes a situation and kids react with how they would feel.

MuppetsMurray states that Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up and that he doesn’t feel that well.

FilmKids find C words in a forest.

MuppetsMurray and the kids introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

AnimationEveryone brings their pet to class and test them in different events. Abby has her frog prince, Gonnigan his ant, Thor, and Blogg his banana slug Gertrude. Niblet also participates in different events.

Sesame Street 4304

MuppetsSuper Grover 2.0 is coming up, but first Overjita has him press a button.

Animation“Counting 18 Flowers in the Garden.”

MuppetsMurray and the boys introduce Super Grover 2.0

MuppetsSuper Grover 2.0 helps a Cactus to find a ball that he can play with.

Sesame Street 4304

MuppetsMurray announces “Elmo the Musical” is coming up, but first he and the viewer play “Sounds of the Street”

MuppetsThe Voice: Three celebrity judges will find the next star only by listening to the voices of the contestants.

Sesame Street 4304

Muppets: Murray and Maddy introduce “Elmo the Musical”

Athlete the Musical: Elmo imagines he’s an Athlete, facing off against one Enormous Athlete to win a pair of golden shoes.

Sesame Street 4304

MuppetsMurray announces the Sponsors and Sesame Street Episode 4304 ends.

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