Sesame Street Episode 4302 - The Good Sport

The Good Sport
Season 43

What’s the Word on the Street? : Champion

SCENESAbby and Elmo welcome the viewer as the play hot potato, using a real potato. The games pass and Elmo loses every time, causing him to get frustrated. He says that it’s the potato’s fault and so they play the game with an extra-large potato and an extra small one too. He still loses every game and gets more and more frustrated and Abby, who feels uncomfortable, leaves for lunch.

Sesame Street 4302

Telly passes by and learns about Elmo’s problem. He tells Elmo that he can recall when he wasn’t good at hot potato but by practicing a lot, he became a real expert in the game. So Telly helps him to get better, and they exercise in a “Rocky”- like montage with the rock song “Eye of the Potato” playing.

Sesame Street 4302

Telly has taught Elmo everything that he knew, so Elmo calls Abby over to play again and he wins! They keep playing and Elmo continuously wins and brags about his victories. He’s so arrogant, that it drives both Telly and Abby away.

Sesame Street 4302

Leela appears, delivering some laundry to Gordon and Susan, and learns about Elmo’s victories and the problem with his friends. Leela is a big fan of the game and plays around with Elmo and he wins. Leela tells him that winning isn’t always everything and that being a good sport is most important. Elmo realizes what he’s done to his friends and sings a song about his mistakes.

Sesame Street 4302

Elmo finds Abby and Telly and apologizes for the way he treated them and says, that he’s going to be a good sport by now. They forgive him and play another round of hot potato.

CelebrityAbby magically pulls Blake Griffin from his basketball game to talk about the word “Champion”

Sesame Street 4302

AnimationTwo clay figures take turns playing basketball.

MuppetsAbby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he wants to know the letter of the day.

AnimationKids discover R words in a sidewalk chalk environment.

MuppetsMurray and Katelyn introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Animation: It’s Choice day at the school and Abby tries to make Blogg and Gonnigan like Super Fairy, her hero. She makes them appear in class but Blogg and Gonnigan don’t even notice her. Abby tries everything and at the end, Blogg and Gonnigan like Super Fairy too.

Sesame Street 4302

CelebrityTilly and the Wall perform the Alphabet Song.

MuppetsBert and Ernie’s Great Adventures is coming up, but first, it’s time for the number of the day.

AnimationCounting 11 butterflies in the garden.

MuppetsMurray, Ryan, and John introduce Bert and Ernie’s great adventures.

AnimationBernice and Rubber Duckie are competing in the Bird Games, with Bert and Ernie as their respective coaches. They do several events and in the end, all of the three Birds win a medal.

Sesame Street 4302

Muppets“Elmo the Musical” is coming up, but first, it’s time to play Murray’s Cubbies.

MuppetsMr. Johnson wants a coffee but sadly, Grover is his waiter and he screws everything up.

MuppetsMurray and the kids introduce Elmo the Musical.

MuppetsAthlete the Musical: Elmo imagines he’s an Athlete, facing off against one Enormous Athlete to win a pair of golden shoes.

Sesame Street 4302

MuppetsSesame Street Episode 4302 is ending. Murray announces the sponsors.

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  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter R and the number 11.