Sesame Street Episode 4301 - Get Lost, Mr. Chips

Get Lost, Mr. Chips
Season 43

What’s the Word on the Street? : Nibble.

SCENES: In Episode 4301 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around Cookie Monster's attempts to join the Cookie Connoisseurs Club, led by Commander Chiphead (played by David Hyde Pierce).

The episode begins with Chris returning from a hiking trip and finding Hooper's Store filled with cookies and the yard decorated like a fancy restaurant. Alan explains that the Cookie Connoisseurs Club is visiting for a cookie tasting session after sampling the cookies he sent them. Chris reminds Alan that if Cookie Monster finds out, he'll cause chaos. Alan isn't worried since Cookie is visiting his aunt in Sacramento.

However, Cookie Monster appears, having flown home once his aunt ran out of cookies. The Cookie Connoisseurs arrive, and Chiphead explains that the cookies are for the club members only. Cookie Monster wants to be a member, but there are things he must do first.

Cookie Monster recites the club pledge and learns the club's tasting process: observing the cookie's appearance, sampling the aroma, and taking a tiny nibble to savor the flavor. When Alan brings out the first tray of oatmeal raisin cookies, Cookie Monster gobbles the whole batch. Chiphead declines his membership, but Cookie Monster begs for a second chance and Chiphead agrees.

To control himself, Cookie Monster asks Chris for help. Chris suggests pretending the cookie is something else, like a yo-yo. Cookie Monster manages to fool himself while observing the cookie, but when he sniffs it, he realizes it's a cookie and devours it and the others. Chiphead expels him again, but Chris convinces him to give Cookie Monster another chance.

Now, Cookie Monster needs help getting past the sniffing part. Chris lets him smell his hiking boot, hoping the stinky smell will distract him from the cookie's aroma. Cookie Monster sniffs the shoe, but when it comes to the actual tasting, he scarfs down his cookie and the rest of Alan's and Chiphead's. Chiphead kicks him out, but the others convince him to give Cookie Monster a final chance.

Chris points out that Cookie Monster can either eat one cookie or join the club and eat many cookies. Cookie Monster decides to keep his cool to stay in the club. He successfully completes the club process, discovering new aspects of cookies, and becomes a member. When Alan brings out a tray of shortbread cookies, Chiphead loses control and scarfs down as many as he can. Cookie Monster offers to help him with his self-control problems.

Sesame Street 4301

Celebrity: Elmo brings Halle Berry some animals to nibble on her snacks. 

Sesame Street Episode 4301

Cartoon: A girl learns about patience while waiting for many things.

Muppets: Murray announces that Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, it’s time for Alphabet Cookoff.

Film: P is for Princess

Muppets: Murray and the girls introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Abby's Flying Fairy School: It’s Henking Day, a Troll holiday, and the class visits Grandpa Bloggs tree. 

Sesame Street Episode 4301

Muppets: Super Grover 2.0 is coming, but first, Overjita controls Murray with her remote.

Celebrity: Train, Count von Count and Elmo perform “Five By” 

Sesame Street 4301

Muppets: Murray and Jordan introduce Super Grover 2.0

Super Grover 2.0: Super Grover 2.0 helps a mouse to get its cheese in a rodent restaurant. 

Sesame Street 4301

Muppets: The Two-Headed Monster finds 2 glasses of uneven proportions and find a way for them to be equal.

Muppets: Murray and Maddy introduce Elmo the Musical.

Elmo the Musical: Guacamole the Musical. 

Sesame Street Episode 4301

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4301 ends after the sponsors announced.

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