Sesame Street Episode 4060 - Natalie Portman

Natalie assumes a temporary position at Hooper's
Season 35
Venus Williams and Natalie Portman visit Sesame Street.

Air date: April 8, 2004   Written by: Joey Mazzarino

Intro: My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Venus Williams. Venus' favorite moment is the song "Ladybugs' Picnic."

SCENES: Big Bird says hello to the viewer. He goes to Hooper’s Store. He asks there Alan for a birdseed milkshake. Alan told him that he will be taking a trip to Hawaii. Big Bird is not happy about that because Alan is the only person that makes his favorite kind of birdseed milkshake. Alan has submitted an ad to the newspaper. He is looking for a Help that can cook and has knowledge of the alphabet a plus. He needs this helper for a week. 

Sesame Street Episode 4060

Three Men in a Tub come in for the ad. They have answered the ad for "Beefsticks, Breadsticks & Candlesticks" but this is the wrong place.

Someone else comes in and Alan thinks that she wants to answer his ad. But she is just a customer and she wants a glass of pineapple juice. An elephant, dressed as a master chef comes in to answer the ad. He tries to demonstrate the way he cooks an omelet. But unfortunately the food is knocking off the shelves because of his constant jumping. 

Sesame Street Episode 4060

The customer, Natalie, tries to calm down the elephant. She demonstrates to him with a song, how to make an omelet. The elephant decided to go to work for Peanuts (an elephant restaurant).

Alan is very impressed by Natalie and he asks her if she likes to work at Hooper’s for a week. She agrees and Alan goes off to pack. Big Bird doesn’t like changes and he is not happy at all but Natalie thinks it‘s very exciting. 

Sesame Street 4060

Baby Bear comes in, and he wants to order ‘‘the usual‘‘ but Alan isn’t here. Natalie understands that this is hard for Big Bird. She demonstrates how she make porridge. She adds nuts, peaches, and honey. Baby Bear tries the porridge and he finds that it’s great. He finds that Natalie can make his porridge always.

Natalie likes working at Hooper’s. Big Bird is still sad, and Natalie sings a song about how things change over the seasons. Now Big Bird feels better. 

Sesame 4060

As Alan comes back and he asks Natalie if she wants to work for him. Natalie asks Big Bird what he thinks. Big Bird will miss Alan but he likes Natalie too. She offers Big Bird a birdseed milkshake.

Song: "You're Important"         

The Letter of the Day:Part 1:  Cookie Monster wants to stop himself from eating the Letter D Cookie. So he makes a Don’t sign. 

Sesame Street 4060

Animation: "There's a big yellow D in that wagon!"          

The Letter of the Day:Part 2:  Cookie Monster eats the sign and then the cookie.

Song: An ode to D-A-D.     

The Spanish Word of the Day: "Gracias" The Spanish word for Thank you is Gracias and Rosita presents it. She receives flowers and applause. 

Muppets: Hoots the Owl sings  "Things Are Always Changing" because Jimmy is upset about moving to a new house. 

Sesame Street 4060

Journey to Ernie: Beach. Big Bird is at the beach and he is searching for Ernie.       

Ernie & Bert: Bert tries to guess which part of the family is Ernie pretending to be. 

Sesame Street 4060

Global Grover: Grover was in Malaysia. They make kites with bamboo sticks, strings, glue, and paper there.

Global Thingy: The pals of the globe want to clean it up because it has wandered into a littered, polluted city.

The Number of the Day: 17. The number of the day is 17 and a singing 17 appears. 

Sesame Street 4060

Animation: It takes four hands to count to 17.

Animation: Ornate 17s swing by.

Elmo's World: Bugs

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 538. Planet Gorgonzola: Stinky Cheese Guys are smelling bad. Trash’s nasal passages are threatened by this smell and he clears his nose with a sneeze. Sesame Street Episode 4060 ends. 

Sesame Street Episode 4060

Trivia: Natalie Portman was supposed to be in three episodes as Natalie. But she began losing her voice and Gabi took her place. Natalie Portman’s two songs are recorded during a separate session.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter D and by the number 17.

  2. Does he use the n word at 7:53