Sesame Street Episode 4013 - Snuffy's Grandma Visits

Sesame Street Episode 4013
Snuffy's grandma visits
Season 33

Sesame Street Episode 4013

Sesame Street Episode 4013

Sesame Street Episode 4013

Sesame Street Episode 4013 appears in the 33rd season. The name of the Episode is Snuffy's grandma visits. The air date of the episode is March 20, 2002. The number of the Episode is 1 and the letter is E.

In Episode 4013 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around Snuffy's grandma visiting from Hawaii and the characters' efforts to welcome her with a drawing.

The episode starts with Elmo and Gabi discovering Big Bird and Snuffy standing by an easel in the yard. Snuffy is excited about his grandma's visit, and they plan to draw a picture to welcome her to Sesame Street. Elmo wants to draw a picture too, and Gabi agrees to help him. Even Oscar, who overhears the conversation from his trash can, wants to draw a picture.

Big Bird has a marker, and Snuffy plans to use crayons. They realize they can draw with both and decide to draw Sesame Street. Since the street is extensive, they ponder where to start and finally decide to draw themselves playing in Big Bird's nest. However, their size prevents them from fitting in front of the paper together, so they decide to get a larger piece of paper.

Meanwhile, near Hooper's Store, Baby Bear, Cookie Monster, and three kids join Elmo in drawing pictures for Snuffy's grandma, with Gabi overseeing their progress. Everyone draws a picture of themselves with their friends, except for Cookie Monster, who draws a cookie and eats it. Gabi suggests he draw a self-portrait instead.

Big Bird and Snuffy check to ensure they have enough room to draw and finally start working on their picture. They finish drawing themselves in the nest, taking up a small portion of their paper. They're about to draw the rest of Sesame Street when Gordon informs Snuffy that his grandma will be arriving shortly.

As everyone shows up with their finished drawings, including Cookie Monster's partially eaten portrait, Big Bird and Snuffy are disappointed that they didn't complete theirs. Elmo proposes putting everyone's drawings together onto Big Bird and Snuffy's paper to make one complete picture. Once all the drawings are placed, Oscar adds his, which reads "GET LOST."

Some ground-shaking footsteps signal the arrival of Snuffy's grandma. Snuffy shows her the picture, and she is delighted, even saying she'll hang it on her refrigerator. Snuffy then introduces her to all of his friends.

As the episode concludes, Snuffy's grandma enjoys the pictures everyone made for her, and Big Bird announces the sponsors. Then, Big Bird, Snuffy, and Snuffy's grandma say goodbye to the viewer.

The episode includes a Muppets and Celebrity segment where John Leguizamo portrays Captain Vegetable, a super vegetable hero. He and Elmo stage an intervention for candy addict Sandy, promoting healthy eating habits.

In the Monster Clubhouse segment, the Furry Feeling of the Day is Sad, and the monsters get chased by an elephant. During Mail Time, the monster reads a letter asking how monsters brush their fur, teaching children about personal hygiene.

The Number of the Day is 1. The Count practices a few times before hitting an organ key, and the number one appears. One elephant also appears, reinforcing the number concept. A film segment features Wegman dogs, Batty and Crooky, stacking wood blocks to make the number 1. An animation segment shows a group of 1s chanting, "We're the number 1!"

A film segment shows a girl using an instant camera to take pictures of her friends, who demonstrate various emotions. This segment teaches children about feelings and facial expressions.

The Journey to Ernie segment involves Big Bird setting off on a journey to find Ernie. Big Bird looks for Ernie's box by singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm with the Three Little Pigs, with the help of the Martians, and across the tightrope.

In Ernie's Show and Tell, Devon shows Ernie his family picture made using popsicle sticks, encouraging children to use their creativity and imagination.

The Letter of the Day is 'E'. Cookie Monster tries giving the Letter E Cookie to a lion, tiger, and bear to protect it from him. However, they want to eat it, so Cookie Monster protects it by eating it himself. An animation segment features school supplies forming the letter E, and another film segment presents a Jaws spoof highlighting the letter E.

The Spanish Word of the Day is "leche," the Spanish word for "milk." Rosita drinks the word leche, teaching children a new word in a different language.

The episode also includes Elmo's World: Drawing, where Elmo explores the world of drawing and encourages children to express themselves through art.


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