Sesame Street Episode 4213

Sesame Street Episode 4213
The Camouflage Challenge
Season 41 (season premiere)
Amy PoehlerKyra Sedgwick and Tilly and the Wall visit Sesame Street.

What's the Word on the Street?: Challenge

SCENESCamouflage Carla (Kyra Sedgwich) comes to the scene. At this moment Elmo is taking pictures of Rosita and Chris. Carla sings a song about camouflage because Elmo doesn’t know what is it.

Sesame Street 4213

Carla says the others that they can join her "Camouflage Club", but first of all they have to pass the "challenging Camouflage Challenge" They have to find 6 camouflaged things in 6 minutes.
The challenge begins. Elmo hears something and he search for it. Rosita finds a grasshopper camouflaged on a leaf. Elmo takes a picture.

Sesame Street 4213

Elmo notices that one flower is moving. They saw that is a butterfly. The second camouflaged thing. They have only one minute left. Elmo is laughing as something is tickling his fur. They are two ladybugs camouflaged in Elmo’s fur. They find all 6 animals and they finished the challenge. They are now members of the  "Camouflage Club".

Sesame Street 4213

Celebrity: The special guest star is Amy Poehler. She attempts to lift a cow in the air and spin it on her finger to show what does a challenge mean. But she can’t do it. Then she tries the "Pat Your Head and Rubs Your Tummy Challenge".

Sesame Street 4213

Muppets: Abby’s Flying Fairy School is almost on but first, Murray sings a song ‘‘Old Mac Murray Had an O‘‘ words with O are orange and octopus.

Cartoon: "The O Show": A letter O (voiced by Oprah Winfrey) meets some guests with O-word.

Sesame Street 4213

Muppets: Now Murray and Navin are introducing Abby’s Flying Fairy School

Abby's Flying Fairy SchoolThe class will take a child’s tooth, change it into a coin and they leave it under their pillow. This ist he ‘‘Tooth Fairy Test‘‘. They went to a little girl's bedroom. Blogg tells a sleeping spell but not only the little girl, but it also affects Mrs. Sparklenose too. Blogg tries to take the tooth with the magic lifting word. Now he must turn the tooth to a coin. The World Tooth Bank is a tooth-to-coin machine. It converts the tooth into one coin. After some tries, Blogg gets the coin under the pillow. For this great job, they receive the Tooth Fairy Badges.

Sesame Street 4213

Celebrity: Tilly and the Wall perform "The Alphabet Song"

Muppets: Murray counts 6 of various things and then he announces "Super Grover 2"

Film6 dancers break it down in a park.

Muppets: Murray and Nika introduce "Super Grover 2.0".

Super Grover 2.0: Ice Block Party
As penguins are dancing, a large ice blog is in the way. Super Grover 2.0 tries to help with his Super-Grovermobile. He tries to push the ice block but it doesn’t move. The penguins have an idea: They take Grover's wheels from Super-Grovermobile and his golf club and stick them under the ice. So they make the ice move. But now Grover’s car doesn’t move.

Sesame Street 4213

Muppets: Murray gives a demonstration of near and far. Now Elmo’s World is near.

MuppetsThe Closer
The Closer doesn’t allow Provenza, Lieutenant Tao, and Sergeant Gabriel to go home until all the cases are closed. She closed everything at the office, Gabriel’s pencil case, Tao’s eyeglass case, Provenza’s suitcase, and her own briefcase.

Sesame Street 4213

Muppets: Murray and Navin are introducing "Elmo's World".

Elmo's World: Open and Close

Sesame Street 4213

Muppets: Murray is announcing the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4213 ends with this last scene.

Note: Elmo's World: Open and Close - In the HBO version, this replaces Elmo's World: Skin.

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