Sesame Street Episode 4205 Inspected by 4

Sesame Street Episode 4205
Inspected by 4
Season 40 (2009-2010)

In this street scene segment, Chris is at Hooper's Store, preparing peanut butter sandwiches and singing a catchy tune called "Peanut Butter." As he makes the sandwiches, various Sesame Street characters and residents drop by, interacting with him and each other.

While Chris is busy making sandwiches, Elmo, Abby, and other friends engage in playful activities on the street. They share stories, play games, and learn new things from each other. The atmosphere is lively and full of laughter, as the characters demonstrate the importance of friendship and community.

Throughout the segment, Chris continues to prepare delicious peanut butter sandwiches for the residents of Sesame Street. He also takes the time to teach the characters about the ingredients and the process of making a sandwich. This educational aspect of the segment helps children understand the steps involved in preparing a simple meal and encourages them to explore their own culinary skills.

As the day goes on, the characters interact with each other, helping one another and learning valuable life lessons. The street scene highlights the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and understanding among friends. The characters demonstrate how to overcome challenges, solve problems, and work together to achieve their goals.

In the end, the street scene culminates in a heartwarming moment where the characters gather around Chris, enjoying the peanut butter sandwiches he has prepared. They express their gratitude and appreciation for his hard work, showcasing the strong bonds of friendship and community that exist on Sesame Street.

Jimmy Fallon and Elmo inspect each other and the viewer in a fun interaction, emphasizing the importance of observation and curiosity. Murray, along with some New York citizens, plays "Bring Out Your R," asking people to show him words that start with the letter "R." A montage of kids running follows, showcasing the energy and enthusiasm of children at play.

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," Mrs. Sparklenose steers the school to their field trip location: Colonial Trolliamsberg. The students, Abby and Gonnigan, along with their half-troll friend Blogg, embark on an adventure that teaches them about the letter "T" and the importance of embracing differences.

Keb Mo sings "Everybody Be Yo'Self" with the Sesame Street cast, promoting individuality and self-expression. Murray counts the number 4 in various contexts, including musicians, kids, and the wheels on Tony Hawk's skateboard.

In "Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures," Bert and Ernie enjoy a day at sea, encountering a mermaid named Ethel and a nasty rat who pollutes the water. The duo helps free Ethel from the trash and clean up the ocean floor, teaching valuable lessons about environmental responsibility and teamwork.

Murray demonstrates the concepts of near and far, followed by an animation of sand creatures illustrating the song "Sing," with vocals by Stephanie D'Abruzzo. Finally, in "Elmo's World," the focus is on cameras, exploring the fascinating world of photography and encouraging children to capture their surroundings through a lens.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter R and by the number 4.