Sesame Street Episode 4202 Chris and Elmo go camping

Chris and Elmo go camping
Season 40 (2009-2010)

In this episode, Chris and Elmo go on a camping trip to take a break from work. They arrive at their campsite, and Chris unpacks their supplies, including hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. Elmo is eager to start the fire, but Chris reminds him that they need lumber first.

Suddenly, a tree near them falls over, and Elmo exclaims that the wood has collected itself. A beaver appears, explaining that he cut down the tree with his teeth. Elmo invites the beaver to stay for dinner, but the beaver is not interested in the food. Instead, he eats bark, so Elmo asks Chris to get some bark from the tree, despite Chris' protests about not wanting to make food on his vacation.

As Chris and Elmo prepare to eat, two hungry turtles arrive. They don't want to eat the hot dogs and bark, so they mention the plants and bugs they prefer. Chris goes to find some leaves and dandelions for the turtles. When they all begin to eat, a pair of raccoons show up. Elmo invites them to stay, and Chris reluctantly agrees. The raccoons don't eat any of the prepared food, so Chris ventures into the woods again to find nuts and berries for them.

Before they all start dinner, the beaver jokingly asks if anyone else is coming. A family of migrating ducks lands nearby, expecting room service and cable. Elmo informs them that they only have animals at the campsite. Chris learns that the ducks eat water plants, so he dives into a nearby pond to get some, accidentally soaking his cell phone in the process.

With all the animals having their preferred dinner, Chris tries to start a quiet meal, but it turns out to be quite noisy. As the sun sets, Elmo and Chris get into their sleeping bags, reflecting on their adventurous day. Elmo wants to camp out every night, while Chris seems less enthusiastic. The animals, who have snuggled into Chris' sleeping bag, wish them a good night.

Abby Cadabby tries to help Cedric the Entertainer demonstrate what a canteen is by magically making one appear. However, she mistakenly conjures up a hose, a fish tank, and a bucket. Feeling exhausted, Abby takes a drink from her own canteen.

Murray practices flapping his "wings" in anticipation of Abby's Flying Fairy School segment. He then plays "What's on Me That Starts with T" and asks kids to identify items that start with the letter "T" on him. Cookie Monster sings a catchy song about the "T" sound in the word "tiger."

In Abby's Flying Fairy School, the class plays with Niblet, the class pet. Gonnigan is too afraid to hold Niblet, who ends up stealing Blogg's wand and running into a crayon drawing on the wall. The class has to figure out how to get inside the drawing and retrieve Niblet, going through several challenges and learning valuable lessons along the way.

Jason Mraz joins Elmo, Abby, Rosita, Baby Bear, Big Bird, and the kids for a lively song about being "Outdoors." Furthermore, Murray counts groups of 16 items and gives a demonstration of outside and inside.

In the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment, Ovejita leads Murray to a secret cooking school where kids practice preparing various dishes. They learn how to make stuffed corn tortillas in this episode.

Finally, in "Elmo's World," the focus is on wild animals. Elmo explores the fascinating world of wild animals, learning about their habits, habitats, and characteristics.


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