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Sesame Street Elmo's World Water

Directed by: Ted May, Steve Feldman, Emily Squires
Written by: Nancy Sans
Video: Food, Water & Exercise!
Books: Being Clean! , Weather!
First Episode: Sesame Street Episode 3831

Elmo's World Water

            Elmo welcomes audiences, he enters and sees a waterfall. Also there are children play in the water.

Elmos World Water

Elmo's World Water Dorothy's Question

Dorothy has a question; she wonders how people swim in the water. Mr Noddle has an answer Dorothy’s question. Mr Noodle tries to swim in a small wading pool, and then he completes his swimming in mid-air.

Elmos World Water Mr Noddle

Elmo's World Water Kids and Baby

            It is time for baby and kids. There are some children in the pool; they try to learn how to swim, some of tries to learn with their parents, others without parents. They swim without help.  Also there is a baby; Elmo asks a baby, she leaps into a baby bathtub.

Elmos World Water Kids and Baby

Elmo's World Water Elmo's Question

            Elmo has a question, he wonders about rain, and he asks how many raindrops fall from cloud when raining.

Elmos World Water Elmo's Question

Elmo's World Water Quiz

         Elmo wants to know what things live in water. He knows some animals live in the water some of them do not. Elmo wonders why horses do not live in the water, but seahorses live in the water.

Elmos World Water Quiz

Elmo's World Water Film

            There is a little girl in the film. Her name is Jordan. In the film she uses water some parts of her life such as; she brushes her teeth, she waters flowers, she washes her face and hand, she uses water to cook something, she has a shower, she gives water to her pet dog and the most important one she uses water for her life she drinks water. To sum up the film is mainly about the importance of water in the life.

Elmos World Water Film

Elmo's World Water TV Cartoon

          Elmo still wonders about water, he decides to watch a TV cartoon about water. The cartoon is mainly about the importance of water. In the cartoon there is a women and asks why water. There are some characters and they tries to explain why water and they explain every time and uses quotation that’s why water.

Elmos World Water TV Cartoon

Elmo's World Water Interview

         Elmo has a guest; it is a glass of water. And they talk about water, because Elmo wants to know so many things about water.

Elmos World Water Interview

Elmo's World Water Tickle Me Land

            Dorothy imagines Elmo in the sea in different actions. First she imagines Elmo sailing. And then she imagines Elmo fishing. Elmo is in a big ship and he is fishing. Suddenly we see Elmo when he is diving. She explores her submarine life. And also she imagines Elmo surfing. Elmo, Dorothy and the glass of water are singing the water song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Water video ends.

Elmos World Water Tickle Me Land

Elmos World Water song

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