Watch Elmo's World Doctors

Sesame Street Elmo's World Doctors

Directed by: Jim Martin, Kevin Clash.
Written by: Christine Ferraro
First Episode: Sesame Street Episode 4116
Videos: People in Your Neighborhood, Elmo Visits the Doctor, Elmo Wonders.

Elmo's World Doctors

Elmo welcomes the audiences with Dorothy. Big Bird is seen Elmo’s window, he is on the way to the doctor. Elmo’s door opens and some of muppets enter with doctor uniformed, and Elmo introduces the theme; doctor. We see some videos there are children and doctors.

Elmo's World Doctors

Elmo's World Doctors Dorothy's Question

                Dorothy is not alone in her bowl, there is a small stethoscope in her bowl. And she wonders what a doctor does with a stethoscope. The theme is doctors, of course Dorothy’s question is about one of doctor’s equipments. Mr Noodle comes and tries to answer Dorothy’s question. He uses stethoscope and tries to find how it should be used. Finally he finds and he listens Elmo’s and his own heart from stethoscope.

Elmos World Doctors Dorothy's Question

Elmo's World Doctors Kids and Baby

                This part begins with two kids, they shows Dorothy how a stethoscope is used. And then Elmo and a baby are seen. Elmo uses stethoscope, he listens baby’s heart.

Elmos World Doctors Kids and Baby

Elmo's World Doctors Elmo's Question

                Elmo has a question; he asks to the viewers to help him count stethoscopes. It starts and Elmo counts, there are eight stethoscopes. And then he laughs and dances.

Elmos World Doctors Elmo's Question

Elmo's World Doctors Video E-Mail

                There is a video e-mail from Big Bird. He was on the way to the doctor at the beginning of the episode. Now he is in the hospital, he is sitting in the waiting room. He is with Radar (Big Bird's teddy bear) and first he uses a toy otoscopic, looks Radar’s ear later he uses a toy stethoscopes and listens Radar’s heart.

Elmos World Doctors Video E-Mail

Elmo's World Doctors Quiz

                Elmo has a question again, he wants to know who goes to the doctor. Zoe appears pretending to be doctor to Rocco.

Elmos World Doctors Quiz

Elmo's World Doctors Film

                One of Elmo’s friends Joe goes to the hospital. He goes there every year for check-up. The film shows it. First a nurse comes and controls his weight and height. Later doctor comes and examines him. He explains there is no need to fear from hospital or doctor. He says there is no pain only he has a little bit pain when vaccine.

Elmos World Doctors Film

Elmo's World Doctors TV Cartoon

Elmo still wonders about doctors, he decides to watch a TV cartoon about doctors. There is a women doctor she sings a song about doctors, the name of the sing is Do The Doctors and dances, very funny and lovely cartoon.

Elmos World Doctors TV Cartoon

Elmo's World Doctors Interview

                Big Bird returns from doctor, he says his check-up results well. And the Elmo opens the door, he has some guests, they are some doctor muppets; eye doctor, foot doctor and vet.

Elmos World Doctors Interview

Elmo's World Doctors Tickle Me Land

                This part Dorothy has a dream. Dorothy imagines Elmo as a vet. He is in the sea with snorkel, he examines a whale, and he asks a whale to say "ahh", wants whale to open its mouth to control throat. Elmo, Dorothy and the muppet doctors are singing the doctors song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Doctors video ends.

Elmos World Doctors Tickle Me Land

Elmos World Doctors song