Oscar the Grouch – Sesame Street Character

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar is the furry, green Grouch from Sesame Street family. He is the grouchiest Muppet character. He lives in a trash can, and he loves trash. His favourite song is meanwhile his trademark, is "I Love Trash". He is a real Grouch, and his only mission is to be as grouchy as possible and let other people feel it too. He is very angry if someone knocks on his trash can. He greets these visitors with a snarl. He wants to be left alone, but then he is unhappy while he has nobody around to complain and irritate.

He makes two holes under his trash can so he can walk with it.
He loves his worm Slimey and his girlfriend Grundgetta that calls him Oskie. He calls her Grundgie.  Telly and Elmo are saying that Oscar is a close friend, but Oscar doesn’t like them at all.

Oscar’s Family

Oscar has a Granny Grouch, grandfather, and mother, father, a niece Irvine, Brother Ernest and a sister Bunny.

How Was Oscar Character Borne?

There was a nasty waiter at a restaurant called Oscar’s Tavern. The character Oscar the Grouch is inspired from this waiter.

Performer Carroll Spinney said that he inspired for Oscar’s voice, from a Bronx taxi driver. The original Oscar puppet was orange, but later it was rebuilt and the new colour was green. His first appearance was in episode 0001. He is a main Sesame Street character since 40 years.

Oscar the Grouch Performers

As many Sesame Street characters, Carroll Spinney performs Oscar too. Other performers are:
Jim Henson
Eric Jacobson

During Carroll Spinney performed Big Bird and Oscar at the same scene, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Jim Martin and Paul McGinnis helped him.

Oscar can move his legs out of his trash can. He has a car named Sloppy Jalopy. We can see him with his car in many episodes.

A lot of young viewers mailed gifts for Oscar just like a can of sardines, sneakers, an old bathing cap etc.

Oscars Age

Oscar says to Bob Sage that he is 43 years old.
In a Christmas Time episode, Oscar shares his trash can with Rizzo the Rat.
At Jim Henson’s Memorial, he sang "Just One Person" with his other Muppet friends.
Including Canada’s Waste Reduction Week, Oscar becomes a mascot for waste reduction.
He appears in both Muppet movies: The Muppet Movie and The Muppets Take Manhattan.
Oscar eats his foods in unusual combinations. For example a banana with ice cubes a clam tuna pie with chocolate sauce and anchovies. He likes anchovy milkshakes.
Oscar’s favourite songs are "I Love Trash", "All You Need Is Trash" and "I Wanna Hold Your Trash".



"Alone in a Swamp"
"Broken and Beautiful"
"The Grouch Song"
"The Grouch's Lullaby"
"Happy Blues"
"Honk, Bang, Whistle and Crash"
"I Don't Wanna"
"I Hate Christmas"
"I'll Give You a Song"
"I Love Trash"
"I've Grown Accustomed to Her Fur"
"A Little Grouch Music"
"Oscar's B Sandwich"
"Oscar's Bill of Gripes"
"People, Who Needs 'Em?"
"Rain Falls"
"Stretch, Wiggle, Yay!"
"Trash Outta Heaven"
"Wonderful Me"
"You Can Do It if Trash Can"


"Bein' Green"
(with the Grouch chorus)
"Do De Rubber Duck"
(ensemble cast song)
"Everything in the Wrong Place Ball"
(with Grundgetta)
"Four Furry Friends"
(with Herry Monster, Cookie Monster and Grover)
"The Grouch Anthem"
"The Grouch Explorers"
(with Grouches)
"Grouch Girls Don't Wanna Have Fun"
(with Grundgetta and the Grouch Girls)
(with Grundgetta, Telly Monster and Stephen J. Grouch)
"A Grouchy Song"
(with three Grouches)
"Hey Little Worm"
(with The Grouchketeers)
"I Love Ya Cause You're Insincere"
(with Hermine)
"I'm Sad Because I'm Happy"
(with Grundgetta and the Grouch Chorale)
"Itch & Scratch"
(with Big Bird)
"It's a Grouchy, Grouchy Party"
(with Telly Monster, Elmo & a Honker)
"Just Three Colors"
(with Big Bird)
"Just Throw It My Way"
(backed by 2 Grouch Girls)
"Let a Frown Be Your Umbrella"
(with Farley)
"Love in the Junkyard"
(with Telly)
"Nasty Dan"
(spoken interjections opposite Johnny Cash)
"The No Song"
(with Farley)
"The No-No-No!"
(with Elmo and The Grouchketeers)
"The Off-Key Song"
(with Grundgetta)
"Oscar's Do Re Mi"
(with the Grouchketeers)
"Oscar's Junk Band"
(with Grundgetta, his junk band and Telly Monster)
"Pigeons and Cookies and Trash"
(with Bert and Cookie Monster)
"Simple Song"
(with Big Bird, Grover and Ernie)
"Singing in the Shower"
(with Big Bird, Olivia and Ernie)
"Swamp Mushy Muddy"
(backed by a chorus of Witches)
"There's a Big Heap of Trash at the End of the Rainbow"
(with Snuffy, the Grouchketeers and the Grouch chorus)
"Three Grouches Would a Wooing Go"
(with Judy Collins and the kids)
"We're Going to China"
(with Big Bird in China cast)



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Oscar the Grouch is one of the beloved Sesame Street characters. We tried to introduce him to you.

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