Sesame Street Episode 4162 Telly's new shoes

Telly's new shoes
Season 39 (2008)
Neil Patrick Harris, Lorena and Lorna Feijóo visit Sesame Street

In Episode 4162 of Sesame Street, the street scenes begin with Chris welcoming the viewers while a hungry customer contemplates whether to have soup or salad. As Chris is about to eat his salad, Abby Cadabby appears, causing the salad to fly out of his hands and land on the customer's head. Abby shows off her new shoes from the Shoe Fairy, explaining that shoes are special to her because fairies don't usually wear them. When Telly arrives without shoes, Abby encourages him to make a "shoe wish" for the Fairy Shoeperson to grant.

The Fairy Shoeperson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) appears and sings a song while magically putting various types of shoes on everyone on Sesame Street. Telly asks the Fairy Shoeperson to surprise him with any pair of shoes. He first receives running shoes, which help him run but not stop. Next, he gets ballet shoes that make him pirouette uncontrollably. The Fairy Shoeperson then gives Telly a pair of elevator shoes that lift him higher and higher. Frustrated, the Fairy Shoeperson disappears, and Telly is left without shoes once again. Telly explains to Abby that monsters don't need shoes and they can function perfectly without them. They start playing a game of tag, and Chris comments, "Well, I guess it's true what they say - if the shoe fits, wear it. And if it doesn't... don't."

In another street scene, Gabi reveals the letter of the day, S, by showing what she wears on her feet: a sneaker, a sandal, and socks. Later, Gabi counts her toes to display the number of the day, 10. In the final street scene, Gabi showcases the sponsors on her shoes and signs off.

A film segment showcases Mr. Shoe, a beat poet, reciting a poem about shoes while footage of kids having fun with shoes plays in the background. In a Muppets and Celebrity segment, Grover demonstrates a pirouette with the help of Lorena and Lorna Feijóo, professional ballet dancers.

An animation narrated by Zoe features a ballet painting by Edgar Degas. The song "S, You're the Best" highlights the letter S, and a cartoon introduces Seymore the Snail, drawn by artist Mo Willems.

In the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment, Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to a farm school where kids learn how to be veterinarians. A cartoon segment features a pig singing "Bein' a Pig," with a vocal track by Joe Raposo.

An "Animal Elevator" animation presents the numbers 1 through 10. In a Muppet and Kid Moment, Samara and the Count count to 10 in sign language. A film segment focuses on how muscles and bones help people move and jump.

In the Spanish Word of the Day segment, Professor Grover teaches kids where to wear a zapato (shoe). In a Muppets and Animation segment, Thomas Twiddlebug is missing a snowshoe (a paper clip) and tries to find it, but his family members use it for various purposes. Eventually, everything is back to normal, and Thomas discovers it's a sunny summer day.

The song "Exploring in Your Closet" is featured, along with an animation of black and white clothes arranging themselves in different ways and finally ending up on a boy and a girl. Lastly, the Muppets segment "Elmo's World: Getting Dressed" is included in this episode.


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter S and by the number 10.

  2. From ( Sesame Street Season 39 2008)