Sesame Street Episode 4103

Sesame Street Episode 4103
Telly's and Baby Bear's Story
Season 36 (2005)
Chuck Close visits Sesame Street.

Air date: September 26, 2005   Written by: Judy Freudberg


Healthy Moment: We have to give the children lots of choices of healthy food to eat and Alan is talking about that. Elmo wants to eat something healthy but he can not decide if he has to eat an apple, cheese, or broccoli. All foods are jumping around Elmo in hopes that Elmo will pick one of them.

SCENES: Baby Bear and Telly want to write a story together and they want to use their imaginations to do that. But they can’t agree on what their story should be about. Telly wants a story about a magic triangle, on the other hand, Baby Bear wants a story about a magic bowl. They have an argument.

Sesame Street 4103

Maria tries to break up the fight between Telly and Baby Bear. She says they could write their own story by themselves. Baby Bear accepted that they cannot work together with Telly and Maria’s suggestion is a good option.

They started to write their own stories. After a while Baby Bear and Telly are missing each other. Maria suggests this time that they can write a story about both their ideas. They find this idea very good. Telly finds a name for their story ‘’The Magic Triangular Bowl of Porridge’’. Maria goes back to the Mail It Shop and two friends start working on their story.

Sesame Street 4103

Finally, the story is finished and Telly goes with Baby Bear to the Mail It Shop to read the story to Maria. Baby Bear shows Maria the picture of the Magic Triangular Bowl of Porridge.

In the story, Baby Bear plays a king of the Kingdom of Dum Diddley Dum Diddley Do. He loves porridge and he is eating lots of porridge made by the chef (Telly).

The king wants to eat some more porridge but there is no more porridge in the kingdom. The chef informs the king. Then comes a song called "No More Porridge in Dum Diddley Dum Diddley Do".

Sesame Street 4103

Suddenly a magic triangular porridge bowl comes to Kingdom and it says to the king that as much he eats, the bowl will never be empty.

As the King eats all porridge the magical bowl refills itself with more porridge.

But the chef believes he is out of the job with a bowl of endless porridge. So the king makes him his chef his royal best buddy instead.

Sesame Street 4103

The story finished successfully. Then Baby Bear and Telly decide to write another story. Baby Bear wants a story about ‘’Snow White and the 7 Bowls of Porridge’’. Telly wants the same story but with 7 triangles. They started arguing and Maria tells me that they have to make a decision.

Song: Jerry Nelson sings "In My Book."

Muppet & Kid Moment: Papa Bear and Antonio are talking about the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The Letter of the Day: F. The Letter of the Day is F. Cookie Monster draws a cookie and the letter F. Finally he eats the drawing.

Sesame Street Episode 4103

Film: Alphaboy fans his father's feet with feathers.

Animation: The letter F in storefront signs.

The Spanish Word of the Day: flor. Maria smells some flowers, between them is also Stinky the Stinkweed. (cut from the online version)

Animation: "Dancing with the Flowers" Artist: Karen Aqua

Journey to Ernie: Rubber Duckie Land — Big Bird tries to find Ernie. He searches for him in a land filled with Rubber Duckies.

Sesame Street Episode 4103

Ernie and Bert: Bert sings "It’s a Circle" about the circle that Ernie finds. Then they sing together about different objects that remind Ernie of the shape in question.

Sesame Street Episode 4103

Film: A girl flies and forms a circle.

Global Grover: Grover was in Jamaica. He has swum back to Sesame Street. He learned there how to tie-dye a shirt. But unfortunately, he lost his shirt. There is also a film about a Jamaican boy. His neighbor is teaching him and some other kids how to tie-dye a shirt by tying, boiling water, and using bottles and rocks. They are colorful shirts. They have to dry first until they can be worn. A shark comes up to Grover wearing Grover’s missing shirt.

The Number of the Day: The Count and The Countess: 11.

Sesame Street Episode 4103

Cartoon: Rap #11

Film: Milo Counting: 11

Cartoon: Eleven water-skiing hippos

Celebrity: Big Bird and Chuck Close appear. Some kids analyze their self-portraits.

Sesame Street Episode 4103

Cartoon: Tommy LaPlaid is a painter and he is very sad. But then he discovers the joys of kicking his paints on the canvas. Artist: Mo Willems.

Elmo's World: Drawing

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 2 - Trash is on the Planet Spaghetti. He distracts a pasta dish with a pair of meatballs. Sesame Street Episode 4103 ends after The Adventures of Trash Gordon chapter 2.


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter F and by the number 11.