Sesame Street Episode 4093

Sesame Street Episode 4093
Baby Bear goes to school
Season 36 (2005)
Shirley Jones visits Sesame Street.

Air date: September 5, 2005   Written by: Christine Ferraro


Healthy Moment: Shirley Jones likes to move her body while waiting for the bus. She tells Zoe that she stretches her toes and arms to keep them healthy and strong.

SCENES: Alan is getting school supplies for Baby Bear from Hooper’s Store. At this moment Telly notices the viewer. Baby Bear has his first school day at the Storybook Community School. This is a school for storybook characters. Alan wished Baby Bear luck as Papa Bear pick him up.

Sesame Street 4093

Baby Bear and Papa Bear are already at the Storybook Community School. Other storybooks arrive too. Baby Bear knows some characters like Hansel and Gretel, Jack and Jill, Little Red Riding Hood, and Mary with her lamb. Papa Bear says goodbye as the bell rings. Baby Bear is a little bit sad that Papa Bear is going. They both hug each other and Papa Bear says he will have fun till he picks him up after school.

Mrs. Goose introduces herself and all storybook characters introduce themselves too. As he introduces his family, Baby Bear starts to miss them. After him, Hansel and Gretel introduce themselves and they shower everyone with breadcrumbs. Baby Bear has really fun at school. He wonders if Curly Bear misses her brother.

Episode 4093

Mrs. Goose says the students that they will learn every day a new letter from the Alphabet. She asks if they know what letter is the first letter in the Alphabet. Baby Bear answers that A is the first letter. Mrs. Goose says that he is correct. Now is used to begin a story as in ‘’Once upon a time’’. Baby Bear wonders now if Papa Bear misses him.

Mrs. Goose says also that they will learn every day a number. She asks what number starts at the beginning. Little Red Riding Hood replies 1 as the first number. He says to Mrs. Goose ‘’Grandma’’. This is the correct answer but then Jack says that it starts the phrase Once upon a time and everyone laughs. Jack laughs too and he falls backward. He breaks his crown. Mrs. Goose says that the class will go to create its own number 1 and will decorate it with glitter and any color. Baby Bear is happy about that. He loves art. But then he wonders if Mama Bear misses him.

Sesame Episode 4093

After the art project, the storybook characters start working on  Humpty Dumpty puzzles. Baby Bear puts the final piece together. Baby Bear wishes that his family were there to see that he finished the puzzle. He thinks all the time of his family and he wonders what they are doing. He believes that going to school will be hard on them.

Finally, the first school day ends and Mrs. Goose says goodbye to all storybook characters. Papa Bear is already here to pick up Baby Bear. Mrs. Goose tells Baby Bear that she will see him tomorrow, he says that he may not come tomorrow. He loves all the things he did today and his new friends, he must think about his family all the time. Mrs. Goose tells him that she was Papa Bear’s teacher. Papa Bear was also afraid at the school beginning. Papa Bear tells Baby Bear that he has to think about the time they get to see each other at the end of the day and then he can tell his family about all the great things he did in school.

Sesame 4093

Baby Bear feels better now. He will come back tomorrow. Mrs. Goose says they will learn about the number 2 tomorrow. As Baby Bear and Papa Bear go away, Jack comes running out but he falls down again.

Song: "At School," the song with animation bookended by live-action footage.

The Letter of the Day: A. Cookie Monster has to think of words that begin with A with the encouragement of Prairie Down. But she can’t stop him by eating the letter in question.

Sesame Street Episode 4093

Cartoon: Soul A

Film: A for action, acrobat, art, artichoke, and applause.

Cartoon: Apple: a riddle

Spanish Word of the Day: Abrazo is the new Spanish word of the day. Rosita offers her elephant friend un abrazo. This means hug. The elephant is surprised to learn this new word. Then he offers Rosita un abrazo in return. (cut from the online version)

Song: "We're All Growin'"

Journey to Ernie: Transportation Land: Ernie is in a land full o transportation vehicles and other things to ride on and Big Bird tries to find him. 

Sesame Street Episode 4093

Ernie and Bert: "That's What Friends Are For." Bert just wants to sleep but Ernie sings a song for him. The song is about friends being tolerant of each other’s differences.

Cartoon: A mother is walking through a park with her daughter. As they are at home, her daughter draws a picture of the things she saw at the park.

Global Grover: There's a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School. Grover was on a trip around the world. He wants to ride with his camel Sidney to school but he cannot get on his camel. But there are also other ways to get to school and Sidney reminds them to Grover.

Sesame Street 4093

Song: "There's a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School" (sung by Jerry Nelson)

Global Grover (cont'd): Sidney decides to ride Grover while he doesn’t want to be late for school.

The Number of the Day: The Number of the Day is 1. A remake of the Number Song Series brings forth 1.

Sesame Street Episode 4093

Cartoon: A girl receives a 1 from her mom. She says. "My 1 and only!" Artist: Fred Garbers

Wegman Dogs: Batty and Crooky want to make the number 1 and they stack wood blocks

Animation: "Just One Strawberry Blues"

Elmo's World: School

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 2: A gang of hungry penguins wants food and Trash feeds them with a big smelly fish. Sesame Street Episode 4093 ends. 

Sesame Street 4093


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