Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2 Video

Elmo The Musical 2

Elmo the Musical - Volume 2: Learn and Imagine is a Sesame Street DVD released as a Walmart exclusive on August 12, 2014. The DVD received a wider-release on May 5, 2015. Elmo wants to prepare and stage a musical.

sesame street Elmo The Musical

Cowboy the Musical

          He imagines, that he is a cowboy. The musical is Cowboy the Musical and it takes place in wild wild west. He meets two cowboys and he asks them what kind of cowboys are they. He has to take care of 6 kitty cows. As he goes with the kitty cows, he saw some cactus and he counts them. They are looking for two cactus canyon. Suddenly he misses the kitty cows. He finds 2 masked persons and 6 kitty cows but they say that the kitty cats are belong them. Elmo says the kitty cows have to count as he teaches them to find out if they are his kitty cows. Suddenly, the falling rocks blocked the passage and Elmo pushed the rocks and tried to open the road.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Mountain Climber the Musical

          Sesame Street Elmo the Musical 2 is continued. Elmo is now a mountain climber. He wants to climb mount biggest Everest. But there is a problem. There is a Yeti in this mountain. Elmo is not afraid. He just needs a guide to climb the mountain. They need to follow the square sign. After that, he needs to yodle to pass the yodle pass. Finally, the nice and kind yeti comes and helps Elmo to the top of the mountain.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Detective the Musical

          Now Elmo is a detective. He is in his detective office. He has his first case. His customer has ordered a pizza but as he eats the pizza he starts to sneeze. The pizza has not pepperoni, but pepper. Someone else calls detective Elmo. A woman ordered flowers and then she started to sneeze. Flowers have pepper too. He received a third call. The actress began to sneeze after wearing the false moustache.

          Elmo starts searching for the criminal. A cube with peppercorns on the culprit.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Airplane the Musical

          Elmo imagines that he is an airplane pilot. Miss pinguine needs a fly. She is getting married she has to go to South Pool. She needs first a ring. There is only a bagel in the jewellery store. Miss pinguine takes that as a wedding ring. She needs flowers too. She takes 5 roses and 6 Lillies as her wedding bouquet. But she needs brides mates. She finds 3 cows as bride mates. The plain is too heavy now to fly. flapping their arms like wings, they managed to fly the plane. Finally they are in wedding ceremony. "Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2" will continue with "Guacamole the Musical".

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Guacamole the Musical

          Elmo decides to make a Musical about Guacamole. He is a chef in the jungle  and he has to prepare a deep for the queen of Matchu Pitchu. He tries to find the recipe for guacamole.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Repair Monster the Musical

          Now it’s time for repair monster musical. This is a musical about all repairing tools and Elmo the repair monster.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Bird the Musical

          Now Elmo is a Bird. He flies to mama bird. He has to sit on the egg. however, he drops the egg from the nest and tries to find it. Sesame Street Elmo the Musical 2 ends.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

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