Elmo's World Games

Elmo's World Games

Written by: Molly Boylan   Directed by: Ken Diego   
First Appearance: Episode 3967


Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? As Elmo opens the door to a pile of toys and games falls into the room. Then we can see a  montage of  some children that playing games.

sesame street Elmo's World Games

Dorothy's Question

Dorothy is on her fish bowl. She has a checkers game decoration in her fish bowl. She about something. She wants to know how to play a game.

The Noodle Family

Mr. Noodle exchange his vest with his brother Mr. Noodle .  Two brothers pull on opposing ends of a rope, pulling one and then the other off the screen until they get the entire rope onto the screen, then turn the rope different ways. Finally  they figure out how to jump rope together.

sesame street Elmo's World Games

Kids and Baby

Kids are showing Dorothy how they play a memory card game, Simon Says, and tag. Elmo talk  to a baby that babbles and plays This Little Piggie with her.

sesame street Elmo's World Games

Video E-Mail

Elmo wants to watch his video e-mail. But he can not find his Computer. Elmo searches his room for his Computer, which he finds crouching behind Drawer playing a game of hide-and-seek. Finally he can watch his e-mail.  In Elmo's e-mail, Ernie and Rubber Duckie play "hide-and-squeak."

Elmo's World Games

Elmo's Question

Elmo wants to count CGI frogs (and a kangaroo) playing leapfrog. He asks the viewer for help.

Elmos World Games


Elmo plays "Three of those Things" with a ball , a jump rope, jacks and Stinky the Stinkweed. Stinky disagrees with the voice-over kids, insisting that you simply can play a game with him. He demonstrates, playing Simon Says by "growing" a flower.

Elmo's World Games


Elmo's friend Abigail plays "Where Is Thumbkin?" by herself. During that, her friend Juan sings it in Spanish, and then they play it together. Also Elmo makes up his own game of "Where Is Thumbkin?".

sesame street Elmo's World Games

TV Cartoon

Elmo wants to watch The Game Channel on TV by taging TV quickly. At the channell there is a story about  a brother and sister who love to play dress-up and what they imagine doing. They dress upwith different costumes  as pirates, royalty, cowfolks, and then they go to bed. After that Elmo watchs the  "JumpRope" by Alfred Hopscotch.

sesame street Elmo's World Games

Tickle Me Land

Dorothy want to play an imagination game. She imagines three Elmos playing "Ring Around the Rosie" (one Elmo fell up instead of down) and also two Elmos playing basketball. Sesame Street Elmo's World Games ends after the games song.

Elmo's World Games

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