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Sesame Street Elmo's World Cats

Written byJudy Freydberg - Annie Evans - Tony Geiss - Emily Perl Kingsley
Directed byKen Diego - Victor Di Napoli - Jim Martin – Edward May – Lisa Simon
VideoElmo’s World Pets, All About Animals
First Episode: Sesame Street Episode 4095

Guess What Elmo’s Thinking About Today

          Today Sesame Street has very special guests. Elmo is very happy. They talk about cats by Elmo’s World video. From his door came several cats and a tiger.

Elmo's World Cats


          Dorothy’s new question for this Elmo’s World episode is, how you pretend to be a cat? Mr. Noodle has to answer to this question. He pretends to be a duck, but this is wrong. He pretend to be a monkey and finally he pretend to be a cat.

Elmo's World Cats Mr. Noodle

Kids and Baby

          Dorothy asks the kids, how they pretend to be a cat. The kids show her what the cats doing. Elmo asks a baby how it pretend to be a cat. The little girl can not answer. Elmo kisses the sweet little girl.

Elmo's World Cats Kids and Baby

Elmo’s Question

          Elmo wants to know how many mice are going into a mouse hole and he counts them to find out the real number. They are 11.

Elmo's World Cats Elmo’s Question


Elmo is wondering where cats live. Not a bird house, not a leave, not an ice cream.

Elmo's World Cats Quiz

Video E-Mail

          Elmo has a new e-mail. Telly brings Little Murray Sparkle to doctor Gina. She is a veterinary. She ckecks Murray’s ears, eyes, his nose, his mouth and his entire body. Murray has very fast heartbeats. This is normal for a cat. Dr. Gina finds that Murray is a very healthy little cat. Telly is worry about Murray’ s health but now he is happy too.

Elmo's World Cats Video E-Mail


          Elmo's World Cats continues with a movie. Elmo’s friend Matthew wants to have a cat. His mom and dad say yes. They went to an animal center but Matthew can not decide for a cat. They are too many. But then he saw her. He decided to take this cat. But first they have to make an interview in animal center to be sure that they will take care of the cat. She needs a lot of love, someone to play with her and food 2 times a day. His mom promises to help him.

Elmo's World Cats Film

TV Cartoon

          Elmo wants to know more about cats. He decided to watch the cat show at TV. Bubbles Martin tells a lot of things about cats and she sings a song about them.

Note: You can watch Sesame Street Elmo's World full episode about cats from the video above.

Elmo's World Cats TV Cartoon


          But Elmo wants to know more about cats. Tiger and a domestic cat talks with Elmo about cats. They both have many things in common.

Elmo's World Cats Interview

Tickle Me Land

           Dorothy imagines that Elmo is a Lion at the story with the Lion and the mouse. The lion has a thorn at his paw and the little mouse helps him with. Lion is very happy. They are eating lunch together and decided to be friends forever.

Elmo's World Cats Tickle Me Land

           Elmo, Dorothy and the cats are singing the cats song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Cats video ends.

Elmo's World Cats song