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First Episode: Sesame Street Episode 4120

Guess What Elmo’s Thinking About Today?

          A new episode by Elmo’s World. Elmo is at Sesame Street and he is talking about building things. We can see construction vehicles from Elmo’s door. Kids are tryind to build something with wood, cards or lego. Kids enjoying such kind of games.

Elmo's World Building Things

Dorothy’s Question

           Dorothy has a new question today. She wants to know how can someone build a tower with blocks. Elmo finds this question great and he wants to ask it to Mr. Noodle. But Mr. Noodle is not here, he finds today Mr. Noodle’s sister Miss Noodle.

          Miss Noodle tries to build a tower with brokkoli. Of course it doesn’t works. Then she brings some blocks to make a tower. It’s not an easy job. After some tries she did it.

Elmo's World Building Things Dorothy’s Question

Kids And Baby

          Dorothy asks other kids, how they are building a tower with blocks and the kids show how they make a tower with different items. For example with blocks, legos or dominos.

          Elmo wants to ask a baby how it builds a tower. The baby spiels with blocks but it can not build a tower yet. Elmo kisses the baby and says thank you.

Elmo's World Building Things Kids And Baby

Elmo’s Question

            And now Elmo has a question. He asks how many nails it takes to make a frame. Telly shows him with a hammer and nails. It take four nails to make a frame. You need a hammer, nails and wood. It’s really easy to make a frame.

Elmo's World Building Things Elmo’s Question


            Elmo asks what kind of vehicles are we needed to make different jobs. For example to build an apartment you need a crane. Or a jackhammer to break things before you build something new.

Elmo's World Building Things Quiz

Video E-Mail

           Elmo's World Building Things video continues with the e-mail section. Elmo has a new e-mail. This is a video e-mail from Rosita and Snuffy. They are building a home to play with block but then Snuffy’s mummy call him for dinner.

Elmo's World Building Things Video E-Mail


          Elmo’s friend Kate has a dog that needs a dog house. Her daddy helps her to build a dog house for her dog. He draws first of all a plan and then they are going tot he hardware store to buy material fort he dog house. And then they build it together. It takes a lot of time to build a dog house. Her little sister helps too with painting. Luke loves his new house.

Note: You can watch Sesame Street Elmo's World full episode about Building Things from the video above.

Elmo's World Building Things Film

TV Cartoon

            Today we can watch the construction lady at the building things channel. She build different things and she loves singing and dancing while working.

Elmo's World Building Things TV Cartoon


            Elmo wants always know everything. He is asking how can he find out more about building. He talks with the bulldozer about that. Bulldozer shows Elmo how he works.

Elmo's World Building Things Interview

Tickle Me Land

          Dorothy imagines Elmo as a construction worker dryving a bulldozer. It’s really a dirty job for Elmo. 

Elmo's World Building Things Tickle Me Land

          Finally bulldozer, Dorothy and Elmo are singing the building things song and they say goodbye. Elmo plays the piano and Miss Noodle is dancing. Sesame Street Elmo's World Building Things video ends.

Elmo's World Building Things song

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