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Sesame Street Elmo's World Birthdays

Written by: Annie Evans
Directed by: Ken Diego - Steven Feldman
Video: Birthdays, Games & More, Elmo and Abby’s Birthday Fun, Favorite Things
First Appearance: Episode 3940

Elmo's World Birthdays

           Elmo is very happy today by Sesame Street. He goes in a room full with birthday presents and party decoration. He wants to talk about BIRTHDAY at Elmo’s World full episode !!! There are many childrens that are celebrating their birthday at different kindergartens, with birthday cake and piniatas. They are playing with friends and enjoying their birthday party.

         Guess what!!! Today is Dorothy’s Birthday. She has a birthday cake in her bowl. Elmo wishes Dorothy Happy Birthday.

Elmo's World Birthdays

Dorothy’s Question

          How do you wrap a birthday present? Mr. Noodle tries to wrap a present. Kids voices call him to wrap the present. He has too much paper and too much tape. He finally wraps a present but unfortunately he tapes also his finger to the package.

         Dorothy asks other kids, how they wrap a present and they shaw her how they do it. Finally the kids give their presents to Dorothy and they wish her Happy Birthday. Elmo says thanks to the kids for their kind help.

         Elmo asks also a baby how it wraps a present, but baby has no idea about that J Elmo kisses the baby. Elmo's question is next in Elmo's World Birthdays video.

Elmo's World Birthdays Dorothy’s Question

Elmo’s Question

           Elmo brings a cake and he asks how many candles are on the cake. And then he asks how many elephants can blow the candles. One elephant has birthday, so he blows the seven birthday candles. Elmo thanks the elephant.

Elmo's World Birthdays Elmo’s Question


            Elmo asks several things, what can have birthday and what not. For example can a cake have birthday, or a telephone, or a trash? A pony can have birthday, but ponies are eating any cake. They have birthday apple for they birthday.

Elmo's World Birthdays Quiz

Video E-mail

           Elmo's World Birthdays continues with the E-mail section. Dorothy’s fish friends wants to wish her happy birthday and they are singing birthday songs for her in a video e-mail.

Elmo's World Birthdays Video E-mail


          Elmo has a friend. His name is Hampton and his mom has birthday. Hampton wants to surprise his mom with his dad, with a tasty birthday cake. He cooks mothers favorite birthday cake with his dad and tells Elmo how he made the cake.

Elmo's World Birthdays Film

TV Cartoon

          At the cartoon  “The Girl Who Loves Birthdays” there is a little girl, who loves birthdays and she is traveling all around the world to celabrate her friends birthdays and then she goes home for her own birthday party.

Elmo's World Birthdays TV Cartoon


          At this part, Elmo talks to a birthday cake about the meaning of birthdays. You can watch Birthdays themed Elmo’s World full episode from the video above.

Elmo's World Birthdays Interview

Tickle Me Land

          We saw Elmo’s birth at hospital. Elmo’s parents are very happy to have a baby and they decide for his name . Then comes Elmo’s first birthday. He is celebrating with his parents and his birthday cake. He blows his birthday candles and they are very happy, they are laughing together. Then one more scene with Elmo and donkey.

Elmo's World Birthdays Tickle Me Land

Elmo's World Birthdays

The Birthday Song

          Elmo and the birthday cake are loving to singing the birthday song. They would like to sing the song for Dorothy. Elmo tells that everyone can sing the song together with them. After the song they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo’s World Birthdays video ends.

Elmo's World Birthdays song

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