Sesame Street Episode 5035 Let's Go Camping

Scenes: Chris and Elmo excitedly reach their campsite, singing a catchy tune. Chris greets the viewers and explains that they're camping to escape from their daily routine. As they unpack, Chris displays their supplies, including hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. Elmo wants to build a fire, but Chris reminds him they need firewood. Unexpectedly, a nearby tree falls, and Elmo exclaims, "Chris, look! The wood collected itself!" A beaver, who cut down the tree using its teeth, appears. Elmo invites the beaver for dinner, but the beaver finds the food unappetizing. Instead, he enjoys eating bark, prompting Chris to reluctantly gather bark from the tree.

Just as they're about to eat, two hungry turtles arrive. They don't fancy hot dogs or bark, so Chris fetches leaves and dandelions to accommodate them. As they prepare to dine, a pair of raccoons show up. Elmo invites them to join, and Chris, although hesitant, agrees. The raccoons have a different diet, so Chris ventures into the woods again to find nuts and berries. The beaver humorously checks if more guests are coming, and surprisingly, a family of migrating ducks land. The ducks have high expectations, but Elmo clarifies that they only have animal-friendly options. Chris dives into a nearby pond to fetch water plants for the ducks. Finally, with every animal satisfied, the chaotic meal begins.

As the sun sets, Elmo and Chris settle into their sleeping bags, reflecting on their adventurous day. Elmo dreams of camping every night, while Chris amusingly disapproves. The animals wish them a good night.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video message from their friend Hannah in Singapore.

Abby Cadabby initiates a lively song to introduce the letter of the day, A.

Celebrity: A is for Animals - The Irwin family showcases the diverse animals at their Australian zoo.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Basket transports Abby and Rudy to an African plain, where they pretend to be veterinarians, giving a baby elephant a thorough check-up.

Cookie Monster and his friends eagerly sing as they await the number of the day, which corresponds to the number of cookies being baked for Cookie Monster. Today's special number is 14.