Sesame Street Episode 5032 Big Bird's Fairytale

Big Bird's Fairytale

Grover excitedly attempts to introduce today's theme of kindness, but Elmo's kind gestures toward him cause Grover to lose his focus. Chris explains to the viewers that Big Bird will be sharing a fairytale he created called "Birdie and the Beast." The story begins with Birdie moving into a new nest near a castle. Upon entering the castle to introduce himself to his new neighbor, he encounters the castle's owner - Beast. Beast demands that Birdie leave immediately but starts to share his backstory when Birdie mentions the word "friend."

Beast reveals that a witch cursed him, and unless he can make a friend before all the coconuts from a nearby tree fall, he will remain a beast forever. Beast attempts to force Birdie to be his friend, but Birdie explains that friendship doesn't work that way. Frustrated, Beast throws a tantrum, causing a coconut to fall. Desperate, Beast orders the door to lock, trapping Birdie inside until they become friends.

Birdie tries to bond with Beast by playing a game of "Spin the Piggy," but Beast doesn't understand the concept of taking turns. Another tantrum follows, and another coconut falls. Birdie suggests a friendly picnic to help them bond, but Beast hogs all the food and lemonade, not knowing how to share. Fed up, Birdie tries to leave, but Beast's tears stop him. Birdie comforts Beast with a hug and sings about friends and their feelings, making Beast experience a newfound happiness. Realizing he has hurt Birdie by trapping him, Beast orders the door to unlock. Birdie points out that Beast just performed a friendly deed and agrees to be his friend. Beast transforms into his original form, which still resembles a beast but with a better hairstyle.

Everyone wraps up the story with a song, and Big Bird tells his friends that Birdie and Beast remained Best Bird and Beast Friends Forever. Grover signs off, performing a kind act by properly disposing of a discarded milk carton. A squirrel praises him for his kind deed.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video message from their friend Brody in Lexington, South Carolina.

Elmo and the gang joyfully present the letter of the day, K, through song and dance.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Basket transports Abby and Rudy to a recycling center, where they become sanitation workers and sort various recyclable items.

Count von Count and his friends sing and stomp as they discover the number of the day - 3.

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