Sesame Street Episode 5030 Making the Band

Making the Band

Chris greets the viewer while carrying some produce and discovers that Hooper's Store is entirely adorned with Alan's LMNOP memorabilia. Alan explains that LMNOP is performing a concert on Sesame Street today, and he is one of his biggest fans, collecting various merchandise from the concerts he has attended. Telly arrives, worried that he might have missed the concert, and is in awe of Alan's collection. Chris feels a bit embarrassed around them and wonders how they will react when LMNOP arrives.

"Can someone please tell me how to get to Sesame Street?," says LMNOP (Donald Glover) as he makes his appearance. They inform him that he's in the right place, but he's missing his entourage. LMNOP's entourage calls him, explaining that they've mistakenly gone to the next location. He decides to leave, but Alan and Telly plead with him to stay. Chris thinks LMNOP can stay if they provide the materials he needs.

LMNOP first needs a guitar, which Hooper's doesn't sell. However, they can make one using a tissue box if they figure out how. Chris reads instructions from a website on how to create a tissue box guitar. Hooper's has all the necessary supplies, except for a tissue box. Alan reluctantly sacrifices his collectible tissue box from LMNOP's "Tissue? I Hardly Know You" tour. LMNOP loves the homemade guitar but realizes they don't have a stage. Chris suggests they use produce crates to create a makeshift stage.

Now, they need a sound system. Chris proposes using cone-shaped items to direct sound waves toward the audience. Alan offers his memorabilia from LMNOP's "Lampshades of Love" tour to create a makeshift sound system that works perfectly. All LMNOP needs now is lighting, and Telly points to Alan's LMNOP flashlights. That night, LMNOP performs his hit "Figure It Out, Baby Figure It Out" while Alan and Telly shine the flashlights from the fire escape above. Elmo and Rosita sign off, having created their own instruments from various objects.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video from their friend Miranda in Mexico City, Mexico.

Elmo and friends sing and clap as they reveal the letter of the day - M.

Celebrity: To demonstrate that M stands for "musician," Grover, a self-proclaimed drum expert, teaches drumming to Questlove, who quickly surpasses his teacher with ease.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Basket transports Abby and Rudy to an outdoor music venue, where their rock band is scheduled to perform a concert. Before they can take the stage, they must find the different pieces for Rudy's drumset.

Cookie Monster and friends sing as they anticipate the number of the day, which corresponds to how many cookies are being baked for him to eat. Today's number is 4.

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