Sesame Street Episode 5028 Searching for Letter Y

Searching for Letter Y

Abby and Elmo greet the viewer while waiting for Telly to join them. He arrives carrying a book titled How to Be a Knight for a Day since they plan to become knights today. The book first recommends they wear armor. After donning their makeshift armor, they learn that they must find a quest to embark on, but they are unsure what a quest entails. After understanding the concept of a quest, they brainstorm ideas when they hear crying nearby.

The letter Y is the source of the tears, as it feels useless and without purpose. They reassure the letter Y that it is essential, but they struggle to think of words that begin with Y. Telly realizes that their quest should be to find Y words. The group heads to Gina's waiting room and searches for Y words, but none of the animals there have names starting with Y. They decide to move on to the Laundromat, singing their knightly song en route.

Upon arriving at the Laundromat, they spot a yak but mistake it for a "hairy cow" and continue their search. Gina tries to inform them about the yak, but they have already left. As Leela folds laundry, the knights arrive and search for Y words among the clothes, but to no avail. They come across the "hairy cow" once more but still fail to recognize it as a yak. They proceed to Hooper's Store.

At Hooper's, Alan points out the yak, but they still dismiss it as a hairy cow. The yak eventually speaks up, confirming its identity and ordering some yogurt while yodeling. The letter Y is thrilled, and the knights celebrate their successful quest by singing their song once more. Cookie Monster signs off while enjoying some alphabet soup.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video message from Avery in Madison, Mississippi.

Abby Cadabby leads everyone in a song to introduce the letter of the day - A.

Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents Jurassic Cookie: Cookie Monster stars as a scientist who creates a park filled with giant cookies, genetically engineered from an ancient cookie crumb. He brings his grandchildren to "Jurassic Cookie" park, where they encounter a colossal gingerbread dinosaur. They all seek refuge in the laboratory, where a sign offers instructions on how to handle the situation. However, a portion of the sign is missing, leaving only the letter H as a clue. Cookie Monster initially misinterprets the H, but eventually realizes it stands for "hug." He stops the rampaging gingerbread dinosaur with a hug before realizing the creature's delicious composition, reversing the chase.

Count von Count and friends sing and stomp as they discover the number of the day - 8.

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