Sesame Street Episode 4933 Camp Grover

Camp Grover

Nina, Zoe, Rosita, and Grover greet viewers while enjoying a ball game together. Elmo joins them and shares his excitement about attending day camp this summer. Nina explains the concept of day camp to Zoe and mentions her own fond memories of attending as a child. Grover, claiming to be a camping expert, invites everyone to a make-believe day camp, complete with matching t-shirts. They embark on a nature hike led by Grover, who introduces them to various elements of nature. After their adventure, they return to Sesame Street, and Elmo is even more enthusiastic about attending his real day camp. The group sings a camp song, makes friendship bracelets, and plays tug-of-war, deciding they should all go to day camp with Elmo. Grover bids farewell while they continue their game.

Elmo and friends introduce the letter of the day, C, with a lively song and dance.

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: Gonger and Cookie help a girl at camp by making s'mores, even visiting a chocolate factory when Cookie Monster eats the chocolate.

While singing, Cookie Monster and his friends anticipate the number of the day, which indicates the quantity of cookies baked for Cookie Monster to eat. Today's special number is 12.

A remake of the classic "Ladybugs' Picnic" sketch entertains viewers.

Elmo's World: Camp

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