Sesame Street Episode 4929 Oscar Uncanned

Oscar Uncanned

Elmo and Rosita happily sing while picking up trash around Sesame Street, much to Oscar the Grouch's annoyance. In search of earplugs and a quieter environment, Oscar finds his trash can missing and becomes distraught. After unsuccessfully trying to find a new home in Abby's garden compost bin and Hooper's recycling bin, Chris shows Oscar a video about sanitation workers. Soon, a sanitation worker (Allison Williams) arrives with Oscar's dented trash can, which delights him. Elmo and Abby pretend to be sanitation workers and encourage viewers to do the same.

Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - T.

Celebrity: Jack Antonoff, as "Jack the Grouch," joins the Meeting of the Grouches, where Oscar, Grundgetta, and others help him embrace his grouchy side by singing "I Love Trash."

Murray Has a Little Lamb: Murray learns about recycling at the New York City Recycling Plant after finishing a jug of milk, guided by Ovejita.

Cookie Monster and friends sing as they wait for the number of the day, which is how many cookies are being baked for him to eat. Today's number is 0. The Count presents Cookie with an empty plate, which he proceeds to eat.

Elmo's World: Recycling

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