Sesame Street Episode 4901 When You're a Vet

When You're a Vet

Elmo, Abby, and Nina encounter Oscar, who is concerned about Slimey's unusual behavior. Dr. Birdwhistle (Tiffany Haddish) arrives to examine Slimey and explains her job as a veterinarian. Diagnosing Slimey with a sore throat, she prescribes Wormatessin. Inspired, Elmo and Abby decide to become veterinarians themselves, setting up a play clinic and treating various animals. They eventually collaborate to help Snuffy, and Abby, still in her vet role, observes that Slimey is feeling better.

Plan the Play: Elmo replays scenes from the story and shows kids pretending to be vets themselves.

Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - V.

V is for Veterinarian: A boy explores the inner workings of a veterinarian's clinic.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Abby and Rudy become pretend veterinarians on an African plain, examining a baby elephant.

Cookie Monster and friends sing while waiting for the number of the day, determined by the number of cookies being baked. Today's number is 10.

Elmo's World: Dog Walkers

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