Sesame Street Episode 4834 Surfin' Sesame Street

Sesame Street Episode 4834
Surfin' Sesame Street
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4834 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Surfin' Sesame Street. The air date of the episode is July 7, 2018. The number of the Episode is 12 and the letter is B.

Surfin' Sesame Street

Elmo presents Alan and Cookie Monster with pictures from his recent vacation, while The Count shares photos from his cave exploration trip. Alan correctly deduces that Cookie Monster visited a cookie factory and consumed all his pictures. When asked about his own vacation, Alan reveals he couldn't take one this year but shares a beach photo from a previous vacation and hopes to return someday. Elmo feels sad for Alan and decides to bring the beach to Sesame Street. Grover overhears and eagerly joins in to help Elmo.

Grover mistakenly brings a bathtub instead of a beach, but after Chris points out the need for sand, he returns with a large sandbox. Grover proceeds to create a pyramid and introduces a camel, then tries to simulate a gentle breeze with a fan, only to blow sand everywhere and get blown away himself. Chris uses his tablet to show Grover he's created a desert, not a beach. As Grover goes to fetch the bathtub for water, Elmo successfully creates a beach setting with a backdrop, props, and animals. Despite his disappointment, Grover happily starts the boombox when asked. Seeing his friends' efforts, Alan is moved and leads them in a surf-rock song before they all duck from an incoming wave.

Abby Cadabby initiates a song to introduce the letter of the day – B.

B is for Beach: A child talks about the beach experience.

Smart Cookies: Relaxing on Pecan Sandy Beach
Lady Crunchington enlists the Smart Cookies to protect her from the Crumb during her beach day. Disguised as a lobster, the Crumb slips past Cookie Monster and sets off his "Typhoon Macaroon" in the ocean, creating a storm as Lady Crunchington floats. Miss Fortune divines that a board is needed for rescue, and after some confusion, Cookie Monster finally retrieves a surfboard. They save Lady Crunchington and chase the Crumb down the coastline, Baywatch-style.

As Cookie Monster and his friends sing, they eagerly await the number of the day, which determines how many cookies are being baked for him. The number is 12.

A rap song features 12 baby turtles hatching from their eggs and swimming out to sea.

Elmo the Musical: Beach the Musical
In Elmo's imagination, he visits Happy Crab Beach, ruled by King Crab. All inhabitants are happy, except for a small shrimp feeling blue about her size. A tidal wave suddenly sweeps the king's crown into some rocks, unreachable for everyone but the shrimp. She retrieves the crown, earning her sense of pride.

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