Sesame Street Episode 4830 The Golden Triangle

Sesame Street Episode 4830
The Golden Triangle
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4830 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is The Golden Triangle. The air date of the episode is June 9, 2018. The number of the Episode is 3 and the letter is S. Nick Jonas visits Sesame Street.

The Golden Triangle

Chris greets the viewers from Sesame Street, serving Telly a grilled-cheese sandwich for lunch. Suddenly, Minnesota Mel, a swashbuckling hero, swings in, searching for the legendary Golden Triangle of Destiny. Telly and Chris are captivated by its golden sides and dazzling angles. When Mel suffers a charley-horse and can't continue, Telly, an avid triangle lover, decides to find the Golden Triangle himself, adopting the persona "Texas Telly." Through a series of clues and challenges, Telly ultimately discovers the Golden Triangle of Destiny under a seat cushion. Minnesota Mel tries to claim credit, but Telly asserts it belongs to the Museum of Triangular History for everyone to enjoy.

Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - S.

Celebrity: Nick Jonas sings "Check That Shape" with Cookie Monster, Bert, and Count von Count.

Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents Cookies of the Caribbean:
Captain Snack Sparrow (Cookie Monster) and his companion search for Davy Jones' cookie jar. They overcome various obstacles, including shape and color challenges, to reach the cave with the cookie jar. After a final musical showdown, Davy Jones is defeated.

Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to reveal the number of the day - 3.

Elmo's World: Shapes

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