Sesame Street Episode 4724 Father's Day

Sesame Street Episode 4724
Father's Day
Season 47

Sesame Street Episode 4724 Father's Day

Sesame Street Episode 4724 Father's Day

Sesame Street Episode 4724 Father's Day

Sesame Street Episode 4724 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is Father's Day. The air date of the episode is June 17, 2017. The number of the Episode is 9 and the letter is F. James Corden visits Sesame Street.

In Episode 4724 of Sesame Street, the storyline revolves around Elmo making a clay sculpture of his dad as a Father's Day present. Elmo continues working on his sculpture while Abby conjures up a tie and a matching shirt, and Prairie Dawn composes a song. Rosita passes by with a homemade card she plans to send to her father, who is away for Father's Day due to work. She remembers all the fun they have when he's home and leaves to mail her card, causing Prairie to think.

Prairie catches up with Rosita just before she mails her card and suggests that Rosita do something different for her father, like making a special video message. Rosita agrees, but when Prairie starts recording, Rosita becomes shy and doesn't know what to say. Prairie proposes that Rosita do something big and exciting and sings a special message.

As Rosita begins her next take, Elmo and Abby join in, having been invited by Prairie. Abby provides them all with glittery outfits, and she and Elmo sing the Father's Day message again, though Rosita struggles to keep up. Rosita isn't sure the idea is working as she'd hoped, and Prairie starts another take. Rosita's message is interrupted by Cookie Monster, who has made a special cookie for her dad. She points out that mailing the cookie would cause it to crumble, so Cookie Monster eats it.

Rosita becomes increasingly frustrated as her message is interrupted again by Oscar, who calls them over. Though Grouches don't usually participate in "mushy" holidays, Prairie has promised that Slimey can join. Slimey delivers a short rap message for Rosita's father. Just when Rosita thinks it's her turn, a chicken appears to sing in the video too. Rosita gives up on the idea and decides to mail her card.

Prairie doesn't understand what has upset Rosita until Rosita explains that the video has been missing one thing - her. Prairie apologizes for how it's turned out and promises that if Rosita allows one more take, she won't intervene. Rosita delivers a heartfelt message to her dad, making all her friends teary-eyed. With the video finished, Prairie initiates a wrap party, and everyone starts dancing.

Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - F.

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